Current Run Counts as of September 13th, 2017.  If your count is completely jacked, you can email Hash Cash. Hash Cash FAQs:

Q: Which count does Jubilee use?  A: Jubilee uses the “hash count”.  The “run count” doesn’t include times you hared or brew crewed.

Q: I am a Just.  Is there a place online where I can view my run counts?  A: No. Hash Cash is lazy, and beautiful and can’t be bothered to put Just’s run counts online.  You can ask Hash Cash at hash and he will be happy to tell you your number.

Q: Can I pay my Hash Cash in coins?   A: No.  You are a terrible human being.

Q: What about dollar coins?  That’s not the same thing, right?   A: No, I do not want your dollar coins.  This isn’t Canada.

Hash NameTotal Hash CountTotal Run CountTotal Hare CountTotal Brew Crew
@ss Spelunker757104
1 If By Man, 2 If By She182158159
1000 Watt Twat131300
2 Thumbs Up1100
3 Holer333120
3 Licks to the Center of a Titty Pop242220
3-2-1 F*ck Off15214426
3-Piece Sextional423570
4 Whores and 7 Rears Ago453573
6 Degrees of Penetration9900
6 Pigs in a Blanket123109140
7 Lay Her Bean Dip343220
7 Queer Stitch333300
7-10 Shit474700
A Red River Runs Through It3072692711
Accidental Discharge5500
Agent Orgy3300
All Flash, No Drive11187240
Amber Alert171700
Amerigo Vespoogie121200
Anal Fission134122111
Anal Rose5500
Anals in the Outfield141400
And How's Her Bush126108153
Anne Stank212100
Apparently Pregnant2200
Around the World in 80 Lays888260
Ass for Clunkers272700
Atari 69005736714
Aunt Vagina's Maple Syrup184162220
Back Door Steward1100
Back Snatch40639475
Bad Ditch16116010
Banana Condom3300
Barbie Cream House222200
Barefoot Youngdung1100
Basement Boy Toy7700
Beer and a Bag Full of Dildos… Good Times3300
Benin Pulled Out787800
Big Bang437415220
Big Bendover209191162
Big Bird Turd0000
Bilbo Faggins5500
Bipolar Bear343211
Bitt Romney404000
Bless Me Father For I Have Rimmed151140110
Blow Me Closer, Tiny Dancer473836
Blow Ray Me121200
Blows a Tranny2622251720
Bolohead Rat37237110
Bored of Erections313100
Bottle Nose Jailbait1100
Bow Chic-a Bow Bow290269165
Brokeback Mama2822342028
Butt Brown Ale484800
Butt Cherry Poppins3300
Butt Fuck Norris494036
By The Power of Gayskull595630
Camo Sutra474430
Canned Pussy494900
Can't Find Pussy in a Haystack4733807221
Can't Get Beaver6600
Capitol Cockshare1100
Carnal Tunnel Syndrome383800
Carnie x5 Cumeleon424200
Catcher in the eye605604
Catholick my Baaalls212001
Chafed and Confused222020
Cheech and Dong474250
Cheese Jizz626110
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Hole201910
Chicks Ahoy!282521
Chip Off The Old Cock444130
Choke And GagHer787710
Chokes One Out232300
Choosy Moms Choose Jizz484800
Clap for Chlamydia161600
Cleavage to Beaver8206
Clitorissa Sexplains my Balls141400
Close Your Eyes and Hope for the Breast736850
Cock Soup164146180
Cock Whisperer343400
Cock-a-Doodle-Do Me269228383
Cockaholic Soup Kitchen1100
Colliteral Damage220197194
Colostomy Shag575610
Compost Pile8870144
Connect Whore1009640
Corndog Millionair636300
Country Fried Semen4400
CoXXX on Demand2882442816
Crammer v. Crammer181800
Cruella de Spill161600
Cum Brew Lay585530
Cum Dumpling5444812934
Cum Locker473935
Cum of a Preacher's Hand15314940
Cum on My Buddy413902
Cum On Sum Yung Guy2200
Cumagain Alley101000
Cums When He Wants3300
Cums with Batteries!2200
Cunt for Red Socktober403910
Cutting Class22220679
Da Boobs141130
Daddy's Dick706820
Daisy Chain179164105
Dances With Balls3300
Das Charizo1100
Deaf Lesbian626101
Deaf, Dum, and Wine5500
Deathly Swallows10710340
Declitarized Zone202000
Deetz Nutz141400
Dial F for Faggot365332330
Diddle Her on the Roofie837940
Dildo Shaggins264249150
Dim Suck3300
District 69282800
Doctor FrankNFarter1100
Don't Ask Don't Smell2442111914
Don't Let Your Meatloaf706910
Double Dipped Tip3300
Double Ohhh, Positive186166128
Double Stuffed Whore-E-O646130
Downward Facing Doggie Style191720
Dr Cockulus8800
Dr Too Little219203151
Drug Em and Plug Em1100
Drunky Boo Boo3300
Duck Bill Cookiepuss111100
Dude, That Guy11189022
Dwarfus Interuptus222200
Easy Bake9900
Eats Bush and Leaves101000
Eiffel Plow Her262600
Ejaculation Overruled252320
El Vag-O Libre646130
Fail Her Poon1009550
Faker's Dozen353401
Fart of Darkness807640
Fecal Attraction444400
Feliz Nobby Job313100
Fifty First Rapes101000
Film at 111100
Finding Creamo181710
Fire Drill888260
Fire in the Hole898360
Fire in the Hole Short4400
Fish n Tits332850
Fist Pump615830
Fister Roboto585602
FistHer & PushHer1100
Floral Sex706910
Free Little Willy504820
French Toasted12011820
Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Fat Chicks1100
From Russia With Blood181800
Fuck The Whales272700
Fucks Up, Doc? 979700
General Jackoff4400
General Pornwallis333300
General Tso's Dickens383710
General's Farm Animal455437126
George StuffedAnOctopus18618015
Get Me Off It's My Stop161600
Gimme an Ohhh1010
Ginger Snatch777340
Glitter Shitter2200
Glitty Clitty Gang Bang154140140
Glue Factory Gum Drop1100
God Save the Peen333030
Goes Down Dirty4400
Golden Showers1841501717
Goldi Locks2200
Goldman Ballsach312434
Great White MILF2200
Greatest Ho On Earth292900
Grinding Nemo686620
Hair Cuntery3300
Happy Poo Year9273136
Happy Trail Traveler1100
Harem Scarem13213200
Have You Blown My Stapler?312830
Head First262411
Head Injury187159280
Head Shart161510
Helicopter Dick7700
Hell's Anal120103170
Hermaphrodites on Unicycles202000
Hey Boy You're Next2200
Hiney Hunter646400
Hoe Chi Men City5500
Holy Milk of Our Mother414100
Homo on the Range272331
Honey Nut Queerios10110100
How I Met My Brother232300
Huevos Snatcheros212100
Hung Like Saddam161600
Hungry For Hippos4400
Hungry Hungry Homo2712272222
Hurricane Cuntrina272520
I Can Open Your Thighs212100
I Can't Dive 555500
I Cunt Hear You4400
If You Weren't So Fat You Would Understand8800
I'm Big In Japan262510
I'm Tho Thor11598170
Incredible Edible Schmegg12385308
Intestine the Waters332940
Issues and Tissues888530
It's Beaver Time3300
It's Not Cocket Science373610
Its not gay if it’s a five way161600
I've Fallen and Can't Get Off2200
Ivy Licker635760
Jabba the Butt222200
Jizzdom Tooth202000
Jolly Green Knob3300
Juan In A Million2110
Kandy Panties20720610
Keebler Shelf464420
Kibbles & Tits211920
Kim Slong-Ungh353500
Kindergarten Cock17917270
Knocked Up242400
Knocking on Heaven's Whore191900
Kooter Kunte10587126
La Gingeracha157145120
Lance Asstrong141400
Late Nite Drive Thru239227111
Lawrence of O'Labia302910
Leggs Over Easy13212750
Les Mis Jr0000
Lil Side Kick1100
Little Red Ride-Me-Good2682331916
Little Thunder Clap14513744
Lock Cock and Two Smoking Nostrils544941
Lorena Hobbit131300
Luke Skywatcher1100
Magic Johnson625750
Make Love Not Warcraft323200
Mambo # Hives14814350
Manned Parenthood454410
Marco Homo140126212
Martial Farts4310
Mary Magnum Lay141400
Maybe It's Gaybelline10695110
Mayonnaise on the Pooper727200
Meghan's Law202000
Mein Chomp5500
Mellow Foreskin Cheese338321143
Midsemester Night's Cream222110
Milk Money232210
Miss Me Gag Me176152240
Missed Her Bush545310
Moaning Lisa2200
Monkey Piss2020
Moose Knuckles12611673
More Men555410
Mouthful of Clam119106112
Mr. hEd117802512
Muff the Magic Dragon898621
Muppet Rapies655780
Mursey Fuck716560
My Little Pony182161183
Nasty Gash195164526
Naudia Cum In Eat Me2200
Naughty a Cum feat me2200
Nice N Izu1100
No Strings Attached666600
No White1100
Nobody Puts Gayby in a Corner383521
Not Necessarily Gay585620
Nut Mechanic10710700
Oedible Arrangement1100
Oh, the Humanatee!464510
On On Ring Off7700
One Trick Dick1100
One-Eyed Snake Handler1100
Only You Can Prevent Bushfires101000
Oops I blew him again1100
Orange is the New Snatch5500
Orianal Express121200
Osama Bin Hashing615830
Otto Von Jizzmark141400
Papal Smear686800
Parks and Defecation363600
Pebbles For Pussy646220
Pee It Forward938535
Pee Willy242310
Penis Fly Trap646040
Periodic Fable292900
Please Step Away From the Whores5154563128
Pole Her Express606000
Polly Wanna Crack Whore404000
Poop Dick706550
Pooples Mountain Majesty816957
Poops I Did it Again413551
Porn to Fail4430410
Premature Ejaculator787503
Preteen Protien5500
Prince Charmin414010
Private Snowball1100
Prostate Rights7700
Pulp Friction958780
Puncta Cunt1100
Push Takka4400
Put It Out518464540
Put Outhouse1100
Quantum Whizics1039490
Queen Ebola III4400
Queen of the Jungle272700
Queer Today Ghana Tomorrow262123
Quid Pro Blow11011000
Raider of the Lost Box595810
Rape and Spillage827534
Read Between the Slime393810
Rear End Loader26226200
Red Dong9900
Red Vag of Courage3362784315
Red White and Poo13012370
Return to Sender's Wife454410
Richie Cum-in-hand18818800
Rim Beam121200
Road Kill12912360
Rocket Socket807910
Roll Over Bitch (ROB)436413194
Roof Rack19118920
Rosetta Bone121105133
RPI (Rear Protein Injection)406385210
Saigon Sally858410
Sally the Jizz Hound111100
Saylem Clit Trials6600
School for Girls who Cant Sex Good171610
Schrodinger's Cock1311061015
Scouts on Her282800
Seizure's Phallus929110
Self Cumunion5500
Selfie Stick151500
Semen on the Pew336295410
Sha Na…Knees Knees141400
Shamrock Your Cock3803113930
Shart of Darkness1100
Shetland Blow-me12612510
Shits Fired292900
Short Hand Job1100
Silent Knob767600
Silver Spooge14713458
Sir Lance-a-Little141310
Sister of a Down141400
Skid Marxist252500
Slip Knot34934810
Sloppy Ho258206457
Slumber Jack2101
Slut Machine202000
Small Craft Advisory6600
Snap, Crackle, Poop!134111122
Snatch Shot328308200
Sorest Rump173142238
Special Head Kit7610
Special Red1100
Sphincter Shy2031682510
Spit 'n Spin400
Spits and Sprays1100
Spread for the City282710
Squirtimus Parrabis5500
St. Pauli's Girl225186390
Stain Gretzky124106144
Stank Pussy525110
Sticky Throttle5500
Stink Bug151500
Stinky Deposit Box2200
Straight In The Navy101000
Strange Ground Chuck29328580
Sugar in the Tank9900
Survival Of the Spittest696540
Taco Rim Job171700
Taint My Juicy Pie1100
Tapped Three Times130103720
Test Tube Baby1100
Texas Hold Him948644
Texas T & A131120110
The Boring Identity111100
The Empire Strikes Black1100
The Failing Wall202000
The Great White Milf3210
The Lez Boat393801
The Lying, the Bitch, and the Whoredrobe8261165
The S&M Man181800
There's A Clap For That15614493
Third Girl Problems363411
Throbbin Hood231805
Tits for Tots22321580
Tomb Raper10820
Tony Panda21120542
Too Easy232210
Tragic Carpet Ride17717250
Trailer Park Tragedy1100
Transparent Ds373430
Trim Shady2211871024
True Bromance323200
Truly I'm Straight1100
Tuck Tuck Deuce2812421920
Tumble Cry20319328
Tuna on Top2200
Turn the Meat Around585710
Turning Trix is for Kids151500
Twater Boarding585413
Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock3803203921
Uncle Bad Touch111100
Under 25 to Ride646400
Union Jackoff3300
Unleash the Furry1100
Uno, Dos, Tres LIFTOFF!2792421918
Up Shits Creek Without A Wife Beater4400
Urine Asia1100
Urine Grande Trouble383800
Vaginal Countdown1291021215
Vaginal Libre3210
Vampire Twerkin1100
Virgin Queen13713160
Vladimir Fruitin746860
Wait Wait Don't Fuck Me666141
Wank Like An Egyptian22320878
Wax On Whacks Off (WOWO)460431290
Well Hung1100
When The Ball Drops302802
Whiskey Business265234310
White Girl Wasted252500
Who Wears Shart Sharts302811
Whora The Explorer2200
Whoregon Trail11510294
Who's in my Mouth?131021
Wiener Shitzel454500
Wife Guard585800
Willy Wonka and the Backdoor Factory9900
Wookin Pa Nub134107819
Works for Sax2200
Yeast Infection635733
Yellow Line696450
Yes We Camry252500
Yes We Cane! (Four More Beers)131300
YesSir YesShesFat21020640
You Can't Handle The Poop868060
You Chose Whorely171700
You Only Cum Once948581
You Sucked My Battledick241205324
Yule Log161139220
Zero Shart Thirty777430