EWH3 #606: The “Assflac will kill ASMA if this trail sucks” trail – Thursday, August 26, 2010 

Where: Courthouse Metro– Orange Line. Follow chalk marks from the metro exit to the start and look for a lot of people who should know better than to run an ASMA trail.
When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, August 26, 2010. Pack away at 7:15ish. 
Hares: A-Salt My Ass, Chip ‘n Failz, Wanks like an Egyptian, Just Leslie
Misc: A-B.  Tough dog friendly.  Dry shoes for after and headlamp for during strongly encouraged. And now a note from your hares: Paying tribute to the fact that hashing is awesome enough to stand up on its own, this weeks theme will be “pay us $5 to run our trail and drink our beer.” As much as we’d love to tell you that this trail is short, flat, and dry (just like your sister), we love to tell you even more that it’d be good idea to bring a change of shoes/socks and headlamps; don’t feel left out, walkers, this includes you!

Caribbean Breeze
4100 N Fairfax Dr.,
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 812-7997
Specials: $2 12oz Miller Lite drafts, $3 16oz Tecate cans. They also have cornhole and beer pong.
DC Area Upcumming Hash Events:
1) So Happy Its Tuesday (SHIT) H3 Annual General Meeting Registration Open! Sept 11, 2010. This event has been called the best bang for your buck, don’t miss out!
2) Red Dress Run Registration Open! Oct 9, 2010 ~ Almost 400 signed up so far (79 signed up from EWH3… the largest DC contingent thus far!!!), sign up now before the price goes up again!
3) Lingerie Run (aka Red Dress Run Pre-lube) Registration Open! Oct 8, 2010 ~ Already over a 100 signed up, don’t miss the party before the party!