Hash Trash: EWH3 #613

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Takoma Park – Hippie Trail


Virgins – Just Monica, John, Emily, Cara, Christina, Ian, Chris


Visitors – Granny Panties (Boston), Grouper Trouper (Crystal Coast)


The pack circled up outside the Takoma Park metro for what was sure would be nice relaxing trail full of rainbows and flowers. We were off through the small downtown area of Takoma Park and quickly entered the suburban streets of Maryland that were full of twists, turns, and checks that quickly managed to get the pack thoroughly turned around. It appears that the hares had inhaled too many incense and forgot to lay the rest of the trail since at half the checks we ended up running around in circles for what seemed like miles before a hare would show up and point us in the correct direction. We eventually found the shot check. With the taste of fruit punch and the smell of sandalwood trailing after us we continued our suburban adventure until we finally managed to find the beer check…after apparently passing right by it to the delight of the hares.


The second half of trail was not short either but thankfully our hares took pity on us and there were no parking garage treks. We ended at the end of an ally next to what turned out to be a substance abuse recovery center or something (quitters). It seems that the smell of our delicious, delicious beer was too much for their willpower and we were asked to leave before the cops were called…or one of the “recovering” alcoholics shanked us for our beer. So off to the bar we went for tater tots and beer where we were to ADD to give out any:



Whiskey Business almost owned up to his name by still being to drunk from RDR to cum.


Just Chris’ manscaping job was distracting Wreath Around


Compost Pile has been itchy for weeks…dude they make a cream for that


While discussing hobbies Chip’N Fails said his new favorite thing was go over to a girl’s house and cum in her underwear drawer…Dial F concurred.


Rhinoblastme was complaining that her arm hurt from a flu shot; really it was because Just Braden wasn’t around the night before so she decided to have some solo fun, they make vibrators for a reason.


There seemed to be some sort of gang bang going on because all I heard was Pee On A Colada yell “you just got me so wet” followed by 1 If By Man 2 If By She saying “and I just came”


Hand Job mentioned how he loves doing favors for people in cars…he can be found at any Maryland Park and Ride.


Just Adam was complaining that Compost Pile was so tight. No wonder Compost Pile was complaining that his ass hurt.


Flour Power!

6 Pigs in a Blanket