AGM 2010


6th Anal F*cking Klassy AGM & Holiday Party

Where: Trusty’s (1420 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC)

When: Friday, December 10th, 7pm – 10pm

Cost: $30 pre-registration (by December 6th 9th) or $35 at the door (Note: The prereg has been extended!!)

Why: To celebrate last years MisManagment, whine about the new MisManagement and try to get laid.

For one low, low price you will get: 3 hours of Klassy boozin’ (Miller Light and Yuengling), real food, and hashers in their f*cking Klassy holiday attire. (Notice the capitol “K”!)

Click here do download the rego! Print it, fill it out and send it (with a $30 check) to Rear Protein Injection (the address is on the Rego) or just hand it to him at the next EWH3 hash.

A New Way to Pay: For those too drunk, too lazy, or too developmentally disabled to print and sign a registration form you can send in your registration fee via PayPal (if you have an account). PayPal $30 to, be sure to include your registration details (I.e. nerd name, hash name, home hash, and how many shots it takes to see you naked). RPI promises to only spend the PayPal money on beer and whores!

Sexy ElfIf you don’t know the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is where we announce the incumming MisManagement (i.e. the wankers who will be ruining the hash next year) and drink our faces off to celebrate the transfer of “power”.  Cum dressed in your Klassiest holiday clothes (think sleeveless x-mas sweaters, silly hats, dirty costumes or just go the classic route and slut it up), enjoy the open bar, and try to convince some wanker or wankette to let you unwrap their holiday gifts!










Who’s Cumming?

# Hash Name Home Hash
1 Rear Protein Injection EWH3
2 1 If by man, 2 if by she EWH3
3 Cum Squat EWH3
4 Cum Dumpling EWH3
5 Manniple Likter EWH3
6 ONe tit ONly WH4
7 Snatch Shot EWH3
8 Big Bang EWH3
9 And I’ll Push Backa EWH3
10 Have Fun Storming the Asshole EWH3
11 Cock-a-Doodle-Do Me EWH3
12 Just Matt Janiga Homeless
13 Just Matt Bronson EWH3
14 Just Timothy Newkirk EWH3
15 6 Fags EWH3
16 S & MOM EWH3
17 Please Step Away from the Whores WH4
18 Miss MeGagMe EWH3
19 CoXXX on Demand EWH3
20 Pittsburg Kneeler EWH3
21 Yule Log EWH3
23 A Red River Runs Through It EWH3
24 Motor Mouth DC Road Whores
25 Whiskey Business EWH3
26 Leggs Over Easy EWH3
27 My Little Pony EWH3
28 RU-469? EWH3
29 Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock EWH3
30 Double Ohh Positive EWH3
31 6 Pigs in a Blanket EWH3
32 Mellow Foreskin Cheese EWH3
33 Roll Over, Bitch! EWH3
34 Keyless Entry EWH3
35 Wanks Like an Egyption EWH3
36 General’s Farm Animal EWH3
37 Put It Out EWH3
38 Saskatchewsnatch SHIT
39 Just Jared Hautamaki SHIT
40 For Sale Or Rent WH4 $ MVH3
41 Silver Spooge EWH3
42 Raider of the Lost Box WH4
43 3-2-1 Fuck Off EWH3
44 Bad Ass Tongue Tricks  
45 An Inconvenient Poop EWH3
46 Dial F for F*ggot EWH3
47 John 3:69 EWH3