EWH3 #622 Pentagon City

EWH3 # 622 Pentagon City


Hares: Turbo Twat, Poop Bena Dick, PutItOut, Just Kathleen and Just Aaron


Virgins: Just Brian, Susie, Julie, Tyler, Alex


Visitors: Just Michele


Analversaries: 17- SWAB and some others


OnOnOn: Freddies, where dreams come true



Hashing through the snow

With Plan B on the way

Through shiggy we go

Bitching all the way


The weather gods clearly decided to bless the new RA’s first hash of the year with DC’s first decent snow of the season, which allowed the pack to suffer some seriously cold toes…or in the case of Compost Pile some serious shrinkage. We ran and slipped our way through Pentagon City until we came back to the start to find the most delicious shot check of the year hot spiked cider….yum. After that we continued our slushy slog until we finally reached beer check in a field somewhere in Crystal City.


At this point my toes were on the brink of frostbite so I was very thankful when we quickly arrived at the backyard of KP for the On In. This turned out to be one of the best and worse On In locations ever. It was the best due to the fact that there was a giant fire pit….there is nothing that will entertain a bunch of drunk idiots more than fire. Unfortunately we were unable to enjoy it for very long because we were soon staring into the oncoming lights of the PoPo. I mean we were in NoVa so we should have expected nothing less. After being informed that it is illegal to drink on private property….this was news to me, we did a quick round of violations and headed to Freddies where the Karaoke was loud and the Trannys were hot. 




Fire in the Hole was apparently fondling a hand warmer throughout opening circle….you know if you want a hot sack to fondle there are plenty of others around


General Ass Pounder was living up to his name by saying that he wanted to just skip the run and head straight to the bar so he could get first crack at the tranny’s


In another case of people living up to their names Sphincter Shy was over heard saying that he was either going to be eating shit or taking shit that night


The Hares for bring us up the Slip n Slide hill and not providing any sleds for us to play with.


SWAB for shitting his pants during the beer check


Violations from the Crowd:


Assault My Ass was so hard up to get laid that he pretended to die just to get a pity fuck


Edgar Allen Hoe for complaining that the snow was sticky….no that’s the other white stuff that’s sticky


Something about WoWo being gay and wanting 4 loco




On-Suck It-On

6 Pigs in a Blanket

EWH3 Scribe