EWH3 #633 Tenlytown

EWH3 #633 Tenlytown

Hares: Rear Protein Injection, Miss Me Gag Me, Yule Log, Blow Blow Blow Her Boat, and Six Fags

Virgins: Allie and Carlie

Visitors: Just Jen (Baltimore) and Crypdick (New Zealand)

OnOnOn: Guapos

It was a small pack that was brave enough to come out in the 4 inches of slush and ice. After a near incident with some snowplows the pack was off through the hills of NW DC. To be honest I showed up to trail pretty drunk after “telecommuting” from the bar so I don’t remember much about the first half of trail except that there was some awesome sledding and that the flour was pretty much the same color as the snow. Thankfully the first half wasn’t too long and the pack hit a beer check near, what I think was an old folk’s home or something.

After downing some tasty beer we were once again off. Now since it was Tenlytown we all knew where the second half was going….so when the trail went through that church parking lot that we always get lost in I decided to zen with some others towards the radio tower. We dodged around some Pepco trucks that were pretending to fix the power outages and who did we run into…the hares! From there it was a quick jaunt to the end near the radio tower. There were some more rounds of beer and the guy from New Zealand sang a pretty awesome song…or was it a joke? Anyway, it was time for:


Just Aaron for being caught dancing in Dupont circle on YouTube….dude we already know your gay, no need to televise it.

Bad Dog for looking like he should be on To Catch a Predator

WoWo was overheard screaming “it’s so wet!”….clearly that is the first time he’s ever had a reason to scream that

PIO was getting flashbacks to WWII with all of the headlamps bobbing all over the place

Dildo Shaggins was apparently getting turned on by her running tights, I’m going to have to find out what brand that is….

The Hares for getting caught

Just Carlie was overheard saying that “hashing is much more adventure race than I thought”

Violations from the Crowd:

I’m sure there were some but my fingers were frozen and I was drunk…but I recovered for a very unusual event….2 namings!

Just Autumn went to Elma College, which is somewhere in the middle of the country. She likes sex, chickens and Finding Nemo. Apparently she was married to her HS sweetheart but it didn’t last long. She had crazy European lesbian sex when she was in France and enjoyed it so much that when she moved back to the states she invited the dog walker to join in on the all girl threesome.

Names that didn’t suck:

Manag a Ruff

The French Connection

Pepe le Chew

Munch Munch Munch

And so it was determined that henceforth and throughout the world of hashing, Just Autumn would be known as Pepe Le Chew

Just Meredith went to Penn State and now attends American U. She likes doggy style, The Little Mermaid, and roosters (that’s right guys, she likes the cock). She used to hook up with Roll Over Bitch and made him eat Bull testicles. Once while she was grooming she managed to cut open her clit just as her boyfriend walked in. She ended up losing her virginity on Halloween when she was dressed as a postal worker delivering porn and was once told that she would make the perfect Arian bride.

Names (they were all pretty good for once)

Clit Your Wrist

Unhappy Vally

To Leclit to Quit

The Scarlet Letter

Adolf Clitler

Henceforth and throughout the world of hashing….except Great Falls F them! Just Meredith will be known as The Scarlet Letter.

After all of that it was time to defrost with some tequila.

On-it needs to be spring again-On

6 Pigs In A Blanket

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