EWH3 #638 Trash

EWH3 #638: Another PIO Karaoke Trail/ Adams Morgan/Woodly Park

Hares: Put It Out, Air Head, Lick James Bitch, & Choke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Virgins: Carcus, Emily (x2), Nick, LJ, Eliza, Spencer, Lindsay

Visitors: Road Kill (?), Just Jess (Ottawa)

OnOnOn: Peyote Cafe

The pack circled up close to the Adams Morgan metro stop for what was sure to be a solidly hilly/shiggytastic trail. We were not disappointed. Trail pretty much dipped right into Rock Creek Park and I’m not sure that it ever left. Those tricky hared lead us through amounts of shaggy not seen in a long, long time. I’m not going to lie I loved it.  Eventually after we had fought off all the pricker bushes and scaled cliffs that rivalled Chris Sharma’s Mandala we finally stumbled down the Spanish steps to beer check.

As long as the first “half” of trail was the second was sure to be shorter….and thankfully it was. The pack took off from beer check and was soon following the light reflecting off Chippen Fails’s ass up 19th and into the Marie Reed field normally crawling with kick ballers. We waited around for Plan B for a while and then set up the longest ever bag line while the beer and snacks were distributed. Then it was finally time for some….


6 Fags was so hopped up on NyQuil that he tackled Yes Sir, Yes She’s Fat into the bushes thinking he was his imaginary girlfriend

The Hares for running out of flour half way through the first half….oh wait its bc the first half went on for forever

Manipple Lickter learned that it is always better to swallow when he was heard yelling “It hit me all in the face!”

PSA had a cab waiting for him as soon as we all emerged from the second round of shaggy

1 If By Man 2 If By She for not knowing what a ball tap is….then again she does date Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock so she must not really know what balls are to begin with….

Fuxedo will be missing the beach weekend so he can stuff himself inside another man

General Ass Pounder wants to become a Dr so that he can spend his days sticking his finger up guys’ butts.

Violations from the Crowd:

Tits for Tots….its not zenning when you know where you are

Apparently you were all so unfunny that WoWo needed to once again remind you that if you want to violate someone it better be good…it was then time for A NAMING!!

Just Kristina is from the Jersey Shore and went to Rutgers where she studied something sciencey and UPenn for Law, she currently works as a Patent Attorney. In her spare time she rescues stray dogs and sings in the Congressional Chorus. The first time she was giving her college BF head he farted and it smelt so bad that she started to gag. He got really embarrassed and upset so she said “oh don’t worry its just bc your so big.” Once when she was working in a research lab she got really drunk at the annual Christmas Party and started playing with the chemicals…..which caused her to chloroform herself.

Names that didn’t suck:

Shiggy Shagger

Brown Out

Agent Brown

She Who Spelt It, Blew It

The Shituation

After much cheering and fist pumping it was decided that henceforth and forever more throughout the world of hashing Just Kristina would be known as The Shituation.

On-is it time for Jumbo Slice now?-On

6 Pigs In A Blanket

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