Hash Trash: EWH3 #642

EWH3 #642: Foggy Bottom

Hares: Whiskey Business and several of his 4-Loko (Lite) drinkin’, mini white zin bottle while kneelin’, karaoke singin’ friends, one of whom was Chicken Fucker

Virgins: Janice, Mika, Steve

Visitors: None

OnOnOn: Rhino Bar

The pack circled up for what was sure to be a glorious trail full young co-eds and remembrances of debaucherous days gone by.  We were quickly off and on our way and just as quickly lost and running around in circles. I’m not sure if this was part of the theme….which I can only assume was “blacking out like I was back in college and forgetting to lay flour.”  We ran by the Fed and towards the White House then in to a parking garage, then another parking garage, and yet one more….at this point we were just assuming that the beer check was hidden in one and ducked into each one that we saw. We were finally rewarded for our persistence with some tasty beer in an ally somewhere in NW.

After downing a few brews we were once again off running along the canal which is always nice. I’m not going to lie, we pretty much just zenned straight to the end so I have no idea how the rest of trail was (if there even was one). We all met back up under that bridge in G-town where we munched on some cheese balls…umm cheesy balls…and got drunk enough to enjoy some…


Don’t Ask Don’t Smell was heard bragging that in 36 years he has never head an STD….you can’t get an STD if you never have sex

Just Josh was not only wearing a raceist shirt but was wearing it inside out and backwards

Just Steve let his gimpy friend with the homeless guys to continue running trail…what happened to No Man Left Behind, we all know you like is that way?

6 Hares clearly were not enough…

Hornblower for using the hash as a training run for the marathon

Chippe’N Fails’ virgin came alone….we all know that where Chippe’N Fails is concerned that’s the only way they will ever cum.

Blow Blow Blow Your Boat apparently didn’t like the trail that they were laying and so she went and started laying her own trail.

Just Mika though that you got syphilis through your feet.

Latter Day Stains managed to bring yet another virgin to the hash.

Violations from the Crowd:

Chicken Fucker for wanting to ride on Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock’s tandem bike

Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock for having a tandem bike

PIO for marking his own trail

RPI was so disgusted by the G-town scene that he slapped a preppy guy’s Starbucks out of his hand as he ran by.

It was then time for a pretty regular event…a NAMING!

Just Josh is from Philly and went to American University where he majored in Journalism. He now works as a 3rd grade teacher and in his spare time is writing a musical (seriously). He once picked up this chick at Shamrockfest only to find out that she was a baby mamma on the way back to his place, so he ditched her while she was picking up wine.

Options that didn’t suck…

The Seducers

Dodgeher & Hammerme

Phantom of the Cock




The New Erections

Mama Flee A

Henceforth and forevermore throughout the world of hashing…except Great Falls! Just Josh shall be known as Mama Flee A


6 Pigs in a Blanket

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