Hash Trash: EWH3 #646

EWH3 #646: Potomac Ave

Hares: Please Step Away from the Whores, Motor Mouth, Hungry Hungry Homo, Double Oh Positive and an out of town visiting special hare Rotten Whore

Virgins: Leah, Shannon, Stephanie, Rory, Margret, Lauren, Will, Eric, Kelly, Allison, ryan, Matt, Aaron

Visitors: Pleasure Center, Just Holly (Baltimore/Annapolis), Korean Booty Snatcher (Korea), Dr. Doodoo

OnOnOn: Remingtons

On what turned out to be a glorious spring day a very large pack circled up outside the Potomac Ave metro. After a rousing rendition of “Hi, My Name is Joe” we were off heading towards the Correctional facility in SE.  After running around their grounds in what looked like a re-enactment of The Great Escape we emerged into a small field and a shot check! We quickly looped back through the cemetery where we found yet another shot check! After dodging through the graveyard we popped out near the train tracks where we patiently waited for the train to pass before crossing….oh wait that’s not what happened. We came upon the train and despite Red Vag of Courage’s best attempts to corral us began clambering over, under and around said train. Once we had overcome that obstacle it was a straight shot into beer check.

After beer check we headed off toward the Navy Yard. We found another shot check and headed toward Maritime Plaza for what was supposed to be the On-In, unfortunately there were cops already swarming the premises. From then on the trail turned into a clusterfuck as it was decided that everyone was to go the skate park. Well we all quickly headed over to the skate park only to be told that we had to go back to where we just were as the cops had left. At this point I just wanted my beer. We finally found the van at the original spot and quickly started consuming some much needed beer before it was time for violations….. oh wait no it was time for a NAMING!! (I’m so confused today)

Just Julie was thrown back last week but the main story to be remembered is that she was once at a work party where she got so drunk that she ended up peeing in the dog bowl.

Names that didn’t suck:


Dribbles & Bits

Old Yeller

Henceforth and forevermore throughout the world of hashing…except Great Falls, fuck them! Just Julie shall be known as Dribbles & Bits! And now it was back to our regular scheduled programming….


Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock was overheard saying “you just need to blow it a little, then you take the nubbin and give it a twist”…..clearly he was referring to the fine art of balloon animal making.

1 If By Man 2 If By She for dating a guy that makes balloon animals.

Sphincter Shy, Just Emily, and the virgin with bright shoelaces for their new shoes

Red Vag of Courage for trying to keep people from getting railed

Just Rachel was heard asking Just Mary if “she wanted something inside her later”

When asked if he was planning on getting laid London Bitches Going Downsaid that he already took care of that himself.

Lust Lauren for not swallowing….spitters are quitters!

PSA for auto hashing his own trail

Fuxedo was thanking me for giving him the opportunity to stick himself inside other men.

I am Cumsing was heard saying “if you need an injection you can just look for me”….of course he was referring to the shots of penicillin that would be needed after.

Violations from the Crowd:

Latter Day Stains for going to a tanning salon

Whiskey Business for going to Vegas and getting a tattoo of the DC Flag….dude you live in Virginia!

GFA for yelling “Get off my lawn!!” at the Nats during the game.

Whiskey Business wouldn’t let his 3rd grader sine Justin Bieber at the talent show bc it wasn’t as good as Back Street Boys.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock was heard yelling “listen to me, I am your master!” at Jizzmo….he can’t even get respect from a poodle.

It was then time for a pretty regular event…a NAMING!

Just Willis is from Delaware and went to the University of Delaware where he majored in graphic design. He is now a freelance journalist which really means he now makes porn. He once made a video that involved priests and cheerleaders. Conveniently his favorite porn also involves cheerleaders and he once got a BJ from a girl that used bother nails and teeth. He once masturbated with a water balloon, likes the movie Aladin and goats.

Options that didn’t suck…

Splitting the Habit

The Man who Fucks a Goat

Mile Lie Club

Billy Goat Snuff

Henceforth and forevermore throughout the world of hashing…except Great Falls! Just Willis shall be known as Mile Lie Club


6 Pigs in a Blanket

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