Hash Trash: EWH3 #713: The Planned “Well” in Advance Trail

Where: Columbia Heights Metro (Green/Yellow Line Metro) Follow the marks to the start
When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, May 24th, 2012. Pack away at 7:15ish.  Or we’ll do what we want!!
Hares: Cutting Class, Preparation-OH, Whiskey Business, Yule Log, and surprisingly sexy mystery hare
On on on:  Wonderland Ballroom

We circled up at the scene of the crime – yes, the same park in which this, your very own scribe, started her very first trail oh-so-over-a-year-ago!  Needless to say, nostalgia was strong.  Plan B was a bit aways from us, but…. I can’t read what I wrote next.  Something positive.

We had virgins, we had virgins… we welcomed Just Kyle, Ryan, Jason, Ian, Thomas, Molly, Chris, Deanna, Noah, Sam.

Our visitors were Good Wife, Wackage (that’s a fun name!) and I think Fuk-soup-cock

Trail was … well, I don’t actually remember.  But, given the neighborhood, I am sure that it was hilly.  And sweaty.  And given the hares, I’m guessing was tricky, with back checks and tit checks and what not.

Closing circle was in the same place I had my virgin circle – MORE NOSTALGIA.  Deal with it.   It was fun and silly and there was plenty of gator-eer to go around.  Also some Jamo-12 for a couple of us.  We harassed the hares, toasted the virgins, and returned to the safe embrace of our regularly scheduled RA.  Jubilee gave out some glorious prizes to the people who need to get a life because clearly they hash too much, and then there were


  • Lick James Bitch was violated for wearing a racing shirt.  Seriously.  You know better.  And yes, we know you’re very good at racing.
  • Big Bang got an STD from Masey.  (ps – Masey is a dog – ew.)
  • Speaking of getting things from animals, Dr. Too Little finally admitted that she doesn’t do people
  • Not Too Scale was violated for muggle violence.  We don’t hurt muggles!
  • I-manual Cunt was violated for playing in the mud… but as he said he “couldn’t find any grass the field” so he needed to play there
  • Just Kate was very excited to discover she could always find wood on trail (clearly she’s new here)
  • Motor Mouth was violated for refusing to jump a fence… what?  it was tall and black!!

At that point we turned to violations from the crowd, proceeded to drink ALL THE DELIGHTFUL SODAS and finally managed to get to the magical, magical ….


Just Aaron was named this evening.  Based on my notes it seems he likes to either take or receive it in the ass.  That’s all I got.  In any event, from now on and forever more he loses his nerd-name and will be known as What What in the Butt!  (It was almost “Hand Job” but we apparently already have one of those).

On-CoHi 4 Life-on,

Colliteral Damage

EWH3 Scribe