Hash Trash EWH3 #717: The Revenge of the EWH3 Harerazors Trail (Tour Duh Hash Style)

 Where: Minnesota Ave Metro (Orange Line)

When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, June 21st, 2012. Pack away at 19:15ish.

Hares: Red Vag of Courage, SixFagz, Can’t Find Pussy In A Haystack, and Roll Over Biatch

On on on: Trusty’s Neighborhood Tavern, 1420 Pennsylvania Avenue SE

We circled up in an oddly narrow parking lot at the Minnesota Ave.  It was hot, hot and more hot.  Super hot.  Despite that fact we had an excellent showing for TDH, and prepared for all the revenge the Harerazors could dish out.

Virgins!  Not too many – understandable given the nature of the trail and the heat of the day.  Our brave virgins though were Just Eric, TJ, Emma, Olivia and Amy.

Visitors – non pudjam only!  Army of the Darkhorse, Fag Whore Peas (??), Two Inches & Lady Boy, Gayza Strip (sort of a visitor, but still)

Jerseys!  Jerseys were handed out – Cock Soup got the FRB, Legs Over Easy got the tits one, Chip n Failz got the red one (for doing the stupidest stuff.  I only know this bc yours truly got the same shirt at RTH3 the next day.  Is anyone surprised?), PIO got the green and Just Eric got the white for all his virginity.

Then we ran.  We ran alot.  In the heat.  Through hill and dale.  No sewers, but plenty of overland and woodsy-ness. It was actually a pretty nice trail.  With a shot check, no less.  That being said, a huge chunk of the runners decided to do Walkers second half.

We ended… somewhere in a parking lot.  That’s all I got.  We harassed (dirted – no ice bc that would have been too nice!) the hares, toasted the virgins, all under the watchful eye of our RA Whiskey.  Jubilee gave out some glorious prizes to the people who need to get a life because clearly they hash too much, and then there were


  • ZZ Bottom was violated for wearing chain mail as protection against PI, and Anchor Spanker was violated for not being able to penetrate that chain mail with his member.  (ZZ’s quote was “man, I can’t even feel that!”)
  • One if by She was violated for being r*cist.  She disputes this, saying it was just an intramural shirt.  Scribe rules: violation.
  • Cutting Class was violated for cleaning off Wank’s “bottle” after sucking on it.  His reasoning was that he’d been sucking far too many other cocks and was just trying to be polite.
  • Speaking of Wank!  Wank whined because he didn’t get gang banged in Anacostia!
  • And speaking of people saying odd things in Anacostia, 6 Pigs, upon seeing a community garden said “oh good!  we must be near the suburbs!”
  • Finally, One Hitter Quitter was lectured for being in the wrong neighborhood – by a liquor store owner

At that point we turned to violations from the crowd, proceeded to drink ALL THE DELIGHTFUL SUNDAE FLOATS and finally managed to get to the glorious….


Just Ed was named – long overdue I think, but in any event there were some good stories and bad ones, the gist of which was that he is a recovering pedophile who runs away from his partners once he comes.  Love ’em and Leave ’em.  Or Fill ’em and Leave ’em I guess.  In any event, Tragic had the winning name (which, btw, he promptly forgot even happened) and for now and always, throughout the land of hashing (except those guys) Just Ed shall be known as KINDERGARTEN COCK.

On-thanks for the chigger bites – on

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