EWH3 #732 The Rags To Riches Ballbuster Trail (Anancostia Metro @ 5:45 PM) and The Saving Our Balls for Later Runners/Walkers Trail (Scott Key Park near Rosslyn Metro @ 6:45 PM) Thursday 10/4/2012

Here’s the key things you need to know…
  • Time – The Ballbuster will circle up at 5:45 (on-out by 615 PM) an HOUR EARLIER than the regular runner/walker trail (circle up at 6:45 and on-out by 7:15 PM)
  • Location – The BallBuster will start in ANACOSTIA  (Green Line Metro) while the regular Runner/Walker Trail will start at Francis Scott Key Park – follow marks from Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange).  They will all end in Georgetown.
  • Beer – The checks for the runs will NOT be together (end circle will be in the same location), but alas there will be beer.  RSVP HERE so we can get the right amount of beer (RSVP Yes for BB, Maybe for Runner, and No for Walker)  You can switch between the walker and runner, but not the BB and anything else
  • Bags/Dogs/etc. – Each trail will have a bag vehicle.  Dogs are welcome on the walker’s trail and they should be ok on the Runners trail, but NOT on the ballbuster.  Strollers can make it on the walker’s, but it’s EWH3, I wouldn’t recommend bringing yo’ chilluns.
  • Price – All trails are $5 (and/or part of the hashtivus package)
  • On-After  – On-After is the gorgeous Rhino Bar in Georgetown for all trails.
And more specifics –

EWH3 # 732a: The Rags to Riches BALLBUSTER TRAIL Thursday 10/4/2012 Anacostia Metro (Green Line)

Where: Anacostia Metro (Green Line)  Follow marks to the start

When: 5:45 PM, Thursday, October 4, 2012, Pack Away at 6:15 PM (HOUR EARLIER)

Hares: CockSoup, YuleLog, Areola 51, WhiskeyBusiness, and Tosh.Homo

Extra Details:  A – Z  Bring dry shoes, shiggy protection and a headlamp or light. Not Dog Friendly, Not for the weak of heart (or lungs or legs) This is after all about 8-10ish miles.  RSVP YES on the Evite.


EWH3 # 732b/c: The Saving Our Balls For Later Running/Walking Trail Thursday 10/4/2012 Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange line)

Where:  Francis Scott Key Park near Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange line)  Follow marks across the bridge from the metro to Francis Scott Key Park in G-town

When: 6:45 PM, Thursday October 4, 2012 Pack Away at 7:15 PM (Normal Time)

Hares: Hell’sAnal, RedWhite&Poo, PutItOut, SelfishWhinyAssB*tch, and WhacksOnWhacksOff
Extra Details: Just as live, but not as hard or long as the other (don’t be disappointed). Normal Distances.  Walker’s trail dog friendly – Bring a headlamp or light! RSVP Maybe or no on the Evite.
On-on-on (for all trails):
 Rhino Bar and Pump House
3295 M Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-3150


Specials$8 Miller Lite and Coors Light pitchers, $2.75 Sam Adams Drafts, and $2.75 Corona bottles. Kitchen closes at 10 so we’ll probably miss that.