MisManagement Interest Happy Hour Wednesday, 10/24, 6:30 PM @ Recessions (L and 19th NW)

Want to give back to the Hash?  Then cum out to the MisManagement/BrewCrew Happy Hour, Wednesday 10/24, from 6:30 – 8:30 PMt.  Seriously, come out say hi, ask questions, and drink beer! It’ll be fun and it’ll be at that sketchy downstairs bar we love…Recessions (over on L and 19th).

In case you are wondering what positions exist – here is a link and the folks who currently do them.  If you have questions, don’t hestitate to email ewh3harerazor@gmail.com or talk to these folks individually!
  • Grand Master – Has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the week-to-week hashes and coordination and planning of our special events and monthly meetings. Represents the Everyday is Wednesday House Hash and acts as an Ambassador to other hashes. There is weekly, and often daily work – most of it done behind the scenes. Regular attendance is required.
    • Current GMs: Hungry Hungry Homo and Red Vag of Courage
  • Religious Advisor – The Religious Advisor (RA) is in charge of leading the closing shenanigans of the pack and being a mouthpiece for the hash via announcements and lewd behavior while consuming beer. Regular attendance is required.
    • Currents RAs: Whiskey Bidness and Twinkle Twinkle Little PeePee
  • Scribe – Keeper of notes from hash to hash, writer of the Hash Trash, and recorder of all things stupid while on the search for beer. Regular attendance required.
    • Current Scribe: Colliteral Damage and some loudmouth who likes to show off his cash and prizes
  • OnSec – Works with hashcash in collecting the moolah, making deposits, and then distributing it to pay for such things as beer. Maintains our mint.com account and prepares monthly financial summaries.
    • Current On-Sec: Saint Pauli’s Gurl
  • Harerazor – The Harerazor is in charge of coordinating all the hares and their trails during the year and making sure those bastards don’t screw up too royally on the way for beer. Harerazor sends out the weekly trail announcement. Requires recurring weekly work, a semblance of knowledge about the area, and a degree of self-loathing or masochism.
    • Current Harerazor: Compost Pile
  • BrewMeister – The all important job of making sure the rest of us drunks have beer and ensuring all is right with our lovely Plan B.
    • Current Brewmeiser: Trim Shady
  • Hashcash – Hashcash is in charge of the sign in sheet and run count lists and is generally the first person that everyone sees when they show up for beer. Regular attendance AND basic knowledge of XXXcel required.
    • Current Hash Cash: S&M.O.M.  (was Tragic Carpet Ride for most of the year)
  • Haberdasher – Purveyor  of fine goods and clothing to replace those lost during the shenanigans with beer.
    • Current Haberdasher: Bless Me Father For I Have Rimmed
  • Jubilee – Maker of necklaces and supplier of give-aways for wankers with too much time on their hands and livers that are afraid of beer.
    • Current Jubilee:Yule Log
  • HashFlash – Kind of a visual Scribe (see above) to truly capture our depravity while loaded on beer.  Requires clost to weekly attendance
    • Current Hash Flash:  Cutting Class
  • OreHo – Provider of the orange food stuffs that complement our beer.
    • Current OreHo: CockSoup
  • SongMeister – The leader of our glorious songs that get ever louder and more incoherent while imbibing the beer. Requires close to weekly attendance
    • Current SongMeister: Every Shit You Take
  • Webmaster – Maintains and updates the EWH3.com website.
    • Current Webmaster: Preparation Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh