EWH3 #740: A Very Merry Unbirthday To You Trail (aka the Alice in Wunderland Trail) – NoMa – Gallaudet/NY Ave Metro (Red Line)

Where: NoMaGallaudetNYaveMetro — Red Line. Follow marks to the start.

When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, November 15, 2012. Pack away at 7:15ish.

Hares: S&Mom, St. Pauli’s Girl, Just Liz, Haystack, Excuse me is that your bag? and Carmen Sandiegho.

Misc: A to B. Trail is the Unbirthday Trail, celebrating everyone whose birthday is not that day.  For you uncultured oafs, that’s from Alice in Wonderland.  So, wear your best Alice in Wonderland themed costumes!  (Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, whatever the fuck a Jaberwocky is, etc.) Trail is dog, Cheshire cat and mad hatter rabbit friendly Headlamps are always a good idea for both runners and walkers as well.  Bring warm clothes and clothes to change into after (but don’t bring an entire effing suitcase)

Kelly’s Irish Times 
14 F Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
Specials:$3 – Natty Boes, $3.50 PBR tall boys, and $4.00 MGDs in the bottle