EWH3 #741: The TRUE Turkey Trot Trail – Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange) Special TIME – 11 AM TOMORROW!!!!!

EWH3 #741: The TRUE Turkey Trot Trail – Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange)  

Where:Rosslyn Metro (Blue/OrangeFollow marks to the start (the parking deck above the Continental)When: 11:00 AM, Thursday, November 22, 2012. Pack away at 11 somethingHares:  PSA, Purple People Eater, Aireolla Borealis, Saskatchewsnatch, and maybe a mystery hare.Misc: A to A. There will be a SHORT (like Twinkle’s dick) Runner’s trail and a walker’s trail. Please don’t drink and drive!  This is one of the drunkest trails of the year.  This year is a special trail since it is also the birthday of one of our Thanksgiving babies, Silver Spooge!  Trail starts early so be on time.  This is the trail we run so you can get good and drunk before having to go spend the rest of the day hanging out with those annoying people you call family.  And when I say run, that is only an exageration.  Trail is short…  very short!  Do not expect this to be your marathon training for the week.  As one of my co-hares likes to put it “barely long enough to burn off one scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy”.  Do expect to drink!  There will be beer and Wild Turkey shots, and people have started bring there own connoctions in the last couple of years.  Anything from mimosa’s to Jagger bombs to Bloody Mary’s, but dont expect too much from the hares since MM will only allow us to spend so much.  And dont show up early and expect the hares to provide you with your pre-lube drinking.  Any pre-lube drinking the hares do is only for the hares!
There is no On-After as most places are closed at that time on Thanksgiving.  But we will stay as long as people want to keep the circle going!