EWH3 #747: The Just a Trail Trail 6:45 PM Thursday January 3, 2013 – Cap South Metro (Blue/Orange)
When: 6:45 PM Thursday December 27, 2012.  Pack away at 7:15ish.
Where:Cap South Metro (Blue/Orange Line).  Follow marks to the start.
Hares:  MeLikeeLickieCaca, LowPressureFront, General’sFarmAnimal and PutItOut.
Miscellaneous Crap: A-A’ Trail, Dog friendly – bring layers, headlamps, and other things you would do when its cold and dark out.  Here’s the note from the hares – Could be long could be short but it will be cold and dry like someone’s mom but not sure whose mom.  Expect an unknown number of BCs and probably a T/E split.  But its not a ballbuster.  There we have it.
On On On: Remington’s Nightclub
639 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 543-3113
Specials:  TBA