Hash Trash: EWH3 #781: The Come Run and Drink Beer Trail!

EWH3# 781 Trash: The Come Run and Drink Beer Trail Trash! Thursday July 25, 2013- Forest Glen Metro

When: 6:45 PM Thursday July 25, 2013.

Where: Forest Glen Metro (Red Line)

Hares: AssFlac, CoxxOnDemand, P.E.Cummings, PutItOut, WOWO

On On On: Piratz Tavern


This trail started on a hot Thursday evening in Montgomery MD. The pack assembled at end of the entrance to the Metro station. Our brew crewers Red Vag of Courage managed to find a spot for Plan-B not far from where the pack had begun to gather.The GM for the evening Don’t Ask Don’t Smell started off by introducing the virgins to the pack, just Lacy, Ousmane, John, Jayne, and Elaine. We had transplant Squirtimus Paribus. The hare representative Wax On Wax Off explained in advance how sketchy the trail would be but most of the pack stayed and after a song about a man in a button factory and the pack was off.


The hares ran the pack through various parts of MD but quickly headed the direction of DC. The pack ran through a drainage tunnel and climbed a hill to find the first beer check at the seminary national park area.  After a short stay The pack found Plan-B for another beer check by the rail road tracks. The pack headed on down the tracks and to a road to find Plan-B again not far away.

The pack hung out drinking and sweating. The RA for the night Cock-A-Doodle-Do-Me  gathered up the pack and started circle beginning by violating the hares AssFlac, CoxxOnDemand, P.E.Cummings, PutItOut, and WOWO.She then reintroduced the virgins and then the visitors. The Jubilee – Bless Me Father For I Have Rimmed handed out some things to the long time cumers, Hurricane Cuntrina got her necklace(Oooooooo),  Uno Dos Tres Liftoff got a foot sticker for 100 runs(Aaaaaaaah) and Please Step Away got a bottle of Jack for his 400th run(Ooooooohhh)  Then it was time for violations!!


-The Hares were violated for their stand by me trail, with the sewers and train tracks the only thing missing was the chance to poke a dead body with a stick.

Cumdumpling was violated for wearing a bra several sizes too small for him.

Fire Drill was violated for falling on trail, shes trying really hard to get picked up by guys these days.

Blow White was violated for complaining that the trail was longer than she expected. Aparently she is used to things coming up short.

Put it Out was violated for picking up “Cougars” on trail, relative to PIO they are still jail bait.

Just Elain was violated for tech on trail, she was heard saying “ I cant believe we are hiking” in the middle of sending a tweet.

Infedelatio was violated when another when a male hasher said “come with me”  and she responded with “ Oh, I know how this works” shes such a naughty girl.

Carmen Sandiegho was violated when the train blew by and she said “I didn’t see that Cumming” last time she said that somebody passed her a towel next.

Ballzheimers was violated for pissing on trail. Anybody who was downstream from him needs to see a doctor immediately for a tetanus shot and penicillin.


Then it was time for the most solemn occasion of a naming. The lucky hasher to get on their knees this week was Just Christine. A little about Christine she is originally from the San Francisco Bay area, she works in a science lobby in DC, she attended Duke university, Her worst job was a data entry job, claims to be a total clutz, went to a boarding school, once blinded a girl who was giving it to her with a strap on(she doesn’t remember the color of the strap on), and once woke up while eating out another girl. There were some good names thrown out such as Do me decimal system, Cockwork Orange, Mid summer nights cream ,three men and a maybe, gag me with a poon, and The Technicolor Dream Cock,  but only one name was worthy of this hasher.  Forever more and throughout the world of hashing except (you know who you are) Just Christine will now be known as Helen Yeller!!

And then the pack was Happy, Macho mugs were had and the pack made their way to find some pirate booty.

On – Yay maryland Hashing!! -On

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