EWH3# 787: The Fourth Anal Anything-But-Clothes (ABC) Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, September 5th, 2013 – Metro Center (Red/Orange/Blue Line)

EWH3# 787: The Fourth Anal Anything-But-Clothes (ABC) Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, September 5th, 2013 – Metro Center (Red/Orange/Blue Line)

Get your outfits ready for the Fourth Anal Anything But Clothes hash! The theme is simple: show up wearing anything but clothes. Try trash bags, duct tape, or coffee filters. Get creative with cardboard, shower curtains, or a package of 5,000 condoms from the Department of Health. In a pinch, a sheet can become a toga but don’t show up in clothes. Get ready for a bunch of shots and running around DC in wacky outfits! And remember, if you’re worried your costume is too risque, rest assured there are no public nudity laws in DC.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday September 5th, 2013.

Where: Metro Center (Red/Orange/Blue Line). Use the 12th and G metro Exit. Follow marks to the start!

Hares: Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock; Roll Over, Bitch; Big Bendover; 1 if by Man, 2 if by She; Lock, Cock, and Two Smoking Nostrils; mystery walkers hare.

Miscellaneous Crap: Live A to A prime trail through Downtown DC!.  Trail is dog friendly as long as they’re not wearing clothes.  Pack light- this one should be crowded!

Last metro out of Metro Center:

Franconia-Springfield – 12:06 AM
Glenmont – 12:06 AM
Largo Town Center – 12:06 AM
New Carrollton – 12:06 AM
Shady Grove – 12:06 AM
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU – 12:06 AM

WeatherH85L60; 10% chance of rain, W 11mph wind

On On OnRecessions

The gentlemen at Recessions- where their tagline is “get too MUCH for your money at Recessions!”- have come through for us again with these specials:

-$5 big beers (like, super big)
-$5 rail drinks

-Thursday is Karaoke night

Hashers will receive wristbands in order to make it easier for the bartenders to know who gets specials, so make sure you get one.

1823 L St NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-6686