New Start:  Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter (Yellow/Green Line)

Good Evening!
Ah, home.  Where one can relax, be pampered by family, and, uh sober up for a few days.  No worries- we’re still here to drag you back down into that den of depravity!
Your regularly scheduled program this week is:
EWH3# 806: The New Is Always Better Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, January 2, 2013 – Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro (Green/Yellow Line)
Come ring in the New Year with your favorite wankers.  2014 is going to be great, simply because “New is always better!”
When: 6:45 PM Thursday January 2, 2014.  Pack away at 7:15!
Where: Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro (Green/Yellow Line). Follow marks to the start!
HaresSorest Rump, Tuck Tuck Deuce, Tumble Cry, Red Vag of Courage, Just Sam, and Jew-Cock-A
Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B, ending in the Farragut area.  Headlamps, warm gear, you all are adults and know what you need!  Pack warm but pack light, since the van only has so much room!

WeatherH48L24; 30% chance of rain, N 8 mph wind

New On-On: Blackfinn
1620 I St NW
Washington, DC 20006
Last trains out of Farragut West:
Franconia-Springfield – 12:08 AM
Largo Town Center – 12:02 AM
New Carrollton – 12:02 AM
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU – 12:08 AM
(1) EWH3’s AGM is on Saturday, January 25th.  Rego here:  Come help us toss out the old, grumpy wankers who are your current MisManagement for some nice, bright, young new thangs.  Or something.  For $34 in advance ($40 at the door), you get open bar from 8-11PM and then drink specials after.  Do it.  You know you want to.  Do it.  Now.  Come one.  Just do it.  Yes, do it.
(2) EWH3’s WIE Weekend in Ocean Sh*tty is AT CAPACITY…but we have a waitlist!  To get added to the waitlist, send a request to [email protected] and include the following information:
Nerd Name:
Hash Name:
Home Kennel:
Food Preference: (Choose between Carnivore, Vegitarian, Glutard, Vegitard)
Preferred room arrangement and preferred roommate: (No guareentees)
We will add folks as space opens up.
(3) The WH4 AGM will be held on January 11, 2014, at Heritage Brewery in Manassas, Va. Costs are $45 for regular registration or $35 for a limited consumption registration. That includes trail, food, and drink. We have special pricing at a local hotel (with FREE shuttle from the brewery to the hotel) for those looking for a place to crash afterwards. THERE WILL BE A HASH-PITALITY SUITE AT THE HOTEL! For more information and to sign up, click hereCome out and support the hash that gave birth to us! 
(4)Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Trails need hare-ing!  December is full but January and February are open so check the hareline and then email me to reserve a date. ([email protected])
(5) Thirsty after work Friday?  Check out the most-always metro friendly Beltway Bob Hash Happy Hour  Tell them you’re from EWH3 and then drink everyone under the table.
(6) If you have NEVER hared before and want to jump on to some already established trails, shoot me an email and I will hook you up!
My New Year’s Resolution is to dance like no one is watching.
-Whiskey Business