EWH3 Full Moon Trail: Saturday, February 15, 1PM @ Potomac Ave

Just like Sochi, it turns out the venue wasn’t properly prepared for these Olympics! Due to extenuating circumstances (theCommodore’s boat literally caught on fire 😮 ) the Full Moon trail will no longer be at the boathouse.
However, we are going with the same start time and metro, 1 PM at Potomac Avenue. Your hares have put together a very special Olympics, but dress warm because we will be outside until we close shop (read: drink ALL the beer) and head to the bar. The hares have a contingency plan in place, and are VERY excited about this event, which is now cheaper (hooray for no rental fees!), and almost all of our events will still be on!
This is not a normal trail, so we can’t say if it will be A-A or what. Think of it more as a party. However, there will be running for FRBs if they want it, there will be walking for walkers if they want it, and there will be much in the way of Olympic Drinking Games and hilarity to watch. Don’t miss it!