Hash Trash: EWH3 #821: The Caped Crusader Trail!

EWH3# 821: The Caped Crusader Trail!

 When: Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where: Cleveland Park Metro (Red Line)

Hares: Kindergarten Cock, RG3some, Mr. hEd, You Sucked My Battle Dick, Connect Whore and Just Mark

Miscellaneous Crap: Live A to A trail

Weather: Waaay too freakin cold, for mid-March

On On On: Atomic Billiards

 Virgins: Just Chris

Visitors: None


A sad day for weather.  Turnout was low, but people were in high spirits.  They were also in good moods too (wink, wink).  Now, on to stupid stuff:

 – Cutting Class apparently needs to go back to the school for the impaired.  Except we’re not sure for which of the senses… maybe you can help? His comment “Did you hear my email?”

Dr. 2Little exclaimed that “ever since I went to West Virginia, my ass hasn’t been the same”.  Guess this is somewhat common when you lose your ‘West Virginity’.  And where was St. Pauli’s Girl you ask? Not there, apparently…

Cutting Class gave a grammy-worthy rendition of the song (and dance) of “My Humps”.  If only there was a way to do it justice, with words… oh well.

Little Thunder Clap shared that when in high school, people used to approach him, thinking he was a girl, so now he wears short hair. But somehow, the men are still finding him…

Missed Her Bush was reported to frequently shower with her dog, but is also known for neglecting her pussy.

Dial F was upset the whole trail, claiming that it had “Too much wood!”.  Having known Dial for some time now, we know this is a distinct reflection of a lack of wood at home.  We’re here for ya buddy!  Hello?….

 Naming: Just Mark

Apparently the fifth time’s the charm!  Just Mark finally named, after numerous catches and release.  A Pennsylvanian native, Just Mark loves the movie Snow White, and has a fascination with dildos in the shape of crosses.  Some of his more impressive resume bullets include playing wing-man for Tragic Carpet Ride and was the recipient of a prestigeous blow job, that turned into a rim job (lucky guy!).  Just Mark was justly dubbed Bum Springer.

 On – I “heart” Capes – On!

Kindergarten Cock