You wankers continue to brave on through this relentless winter.  Here’s to hoping the weather actually warms up this week.  Just think, somewhere in the US, a bright young lad or lady just learned they will be interning this summer in DC!  Bring on the warm!
Your regularly scheduled program this week is:
EWH3 #822 The Almost-Opening Day Spring Screw You Winter Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, March 20, 2014 – Eastern Market Metro (Orange/Blue Line)
Despite the snow on the ground, Spring is really on its way and with that comes our National Pastime. So put on your favorite team’s colors, grab a puck, oil up your goal tending gloves, and warm up to kick a field goal- it’s BASEBALL time!   OR, if you are sports-challenged like your Hare Razor (or maybe too hung over from the weekend to change), don some post-St. Pat’s day Spring Green and join us.
When: 6:45 PM Thursday March 20, 2014.  Pack away at 7:15!
Where Eastern Market Metro (Orange/Blue Line). Follow marks to the start! 
HaresTuck Tuck Deuce, Virgin Queen, Red Vag of Courage, Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock, I’m Tho Thor, U asS asS Ow, There’s A Clap For That
Miscellaneous CrapTrail is A to B. Headlamps are a mustPack warm, pack light, be smart, have fun.  YEAH!

Last trains out of the Navy Yard Metro:

Branch Ave – 12:17 AM
Greenbelt – 11:39 PM (No Red Line Transfer Possible)
WeatherH56L34; 0% chance of rain, W 11 mph wind

On On On: Gordon Biersch
Happy Hour Specials from 10-close
Kitchen closes at 11
(1) The Brew Crew Party will be held on April 5, 2014 @ 2PM at Club Triple H (1504 Spring Pl NW, Washington, DC 20010).  Come by to help give back to the hash in a very helpful way, learn about Plan B, and DRINK FREE BEER!
(2)Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Trails need hare-ing!  There are some dates in April and May available, but you wankers need to start looking into the summer, so check the hareline and then email me to reserve a date. ([email protected])
(3) Thirsty after work Friday?  Check out the most-always metro friendly Beltway Bob Hash Happy Hour http://www.dchashing.org/community/beltwaybob/  Tell them you’re from EWH3 and then drink everyone under the table.
(4) If you have NEVER hared before and want to jump on to some already established trails, shoot me an email and I will hook you up!
-Whiskey Business