Now that you all have returned to your normal state and left your alter-egos behind, it’s time to run/drink again!
Your regularly scheduled program this week is:
EWH3# 826: The Over the River and Through the Woods Post Tax Day Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, April 17, 2014 – Anacostia Metro (Green Line)
Stick it to the Man (or Woman, or whatever floats your boat)!
When: 6:45 PM Thursday April 17, 2014.  Pack away at 7:15!
WhereAnacostia Metro Exit the station via the Metro parking garage exit!
Hares: Semen on the Pew, A Red River Runs Through It, and Motor Mouth
Miscellaneous CrapTrail is A to A’. Headlamps are a good idea, as there is shiggy for everyone on trail!  Trail is tough dog friendly. Be smart, have fun.  YEAH!
Last trains out of the Anacostia Metro:

Branch Avenue – 12:19 AM
Greenbelt – 11:37 PM

WeatherH59L39Winds NE at 5mph. Chance of rain 0%.
On On On The Big Chair
2122 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE
Washington, DC  20020
Specials: $2.50 Bud and Miller Light
(1) The 2014 DC Red Dress Run is open for registration and despite an April Fool’s Joke, is NOT capped at 300 people!  You can register here!  This event does sell out, so register now!
(2) The Pudjam Party (party for all the DC-area hashes) is on June 21st, 2014 @ 8PM! $20 for just the party and all proceeds will go to the Gary Sinise Foundation. There will also be seven trails throughout the weekend that will be centrally located around the party. Cost per trail is set by the kennel or you can buy the hash addict deal (party & all the trails) for $47! Party location is Dude, That Guy’s house at 12417 Arrow Park Ct., Fort Washington, MD 20744. Rego here! 
(3)Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Trails need hare-ing!  You wankers need to start looking into the summer, so check the hareline and then email me to reserve a date. ([email protected])
(4) Thirsty after work Friday?  Check out the most-always metro friendly Beltway Bob Hash Happy Hour http://www.dchashing.org/community/beltwaybob/  Tell them you’re from EWH3 and then drink everyone under the table.
(5) If you have NEVER hared before and want to jump on to some already established trails, shoot me an email and I will hook you up!
To Grandmother’s House We Go!
-Whiskey Business