Hey Everyone!

It’s almost Turkey Day!

WANTED: Justs to help hare!

Are you a Just and want to help give back to the hash?  Can you take instructions from an experienced hare (of course you can)? 


If you would like to join an already establish trail and learn the art of hareing in the next couple of months, respond to the HareRazor (this email) with Thursdays you are free and we’ll be sure to connect with the hares.  It’s a great way to see the hash from a different perspective, a great way to meet new people and a great way to give back to EWH3.

Your regularly scheduled program this week is:

EWH3# 859: The Thanksgiving Trail! 11:00 AM Thursday, November 27, 2014 – Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange Line)

This is our anal Turkey day hash.  This is not a normal Thursday hash.  Do not expect to get your weekly marathon training from this trail.  Walkers trail is short and to the point.  As the fairest hare in our little group so eloquently says “You might burn off enough calories in a scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy.”  This is just a way to get nice and lubed up before having to go spend the rest of your day with those really annoying people you call family.  Or if you are an orphan, a way to drink with some really cool people before going home to watch some football and eat pumpkin pie.  As usual we will be having our famous Turkey shot check as well as inordinate amounts of other libations for your pleasure.  So if your stuck in DC this week come on out and join us for a really good time.

When11:00 AM SHARP Thursday November 27, 2013!


Where: Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange Line). Follow marks to the parking deck on top of The Continental!


Hares: Please Step Away from the Whores, Purple Peter Eater, Aeriola Boreales, and a Mystery Hare or 2

Miscellaneous CrapTrail is A to A.  Be smart, have fun.

WeatherH43; L30; 10% Chance of rain



(1) New Year’s Day trail will be New Year’s Day @ 1PM!  Plan your hangover accordingly!

(2) SAVE THE DATE: EWH3 AGM is January 17.  Details will be announced!

(3) Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Trails need hare-ing, so check the hareline and then email me to reserve a date. ([email protected])

(4) If you have NEVER hared before and want to jump on to some already established trails, shoot me an email and I will hook you up!

(5) Thirsty after work Friday?  Check out the most-always metro friendly Beltway Bob Hash Happy Hour http://www.dchashing.org/community/beltwaybob/  Tell them you’re from EWH3 and then drink everyone under the table.