Hi There!

This will be my last Trail News as your Hare Razor.  It’s been a good two years and thank you to all of the Alphas who had to deal with me each week, even as I became old, withered, and cantankerous.

Stay golden, Pony-people.


Important Notice: The EWH3 AGM (January 17th) Rego is live and can be found here!

Other Important Notice: Some EWH3 Alums are hosting the Charm City hash in Baltimore on Friday.  You’ll probably have to shotgun a beer.  See details below.

Your scheduled program for this week:

EWH3# 866: The I Hope they Have Hashing in Florida Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, January 15th – Ballston Metro (Orange/Silver Line)

Your hares have a combined 13 years MisManaging you wankers so we think it’s about time to retire.  No one’s keeping score, but let’s see who won the most grey hairs:

Whiskey B– 5 years (and consecutive- what an idiot!)

St. Pauli’s Girl– 3 years (and consecutive- what an idiot!)

Daisy Chain– 2 years (and consecutive- what an idiot!)

Cutting Class– 3 years (non-consecutive- what a slacker!)

Tuck Tuck Deuce– 1 year (such a baby, but his doesn’t count because he’s old but not retiring- what an idiot!).

For those of you who like math, that’s

4,745 days -or- 113,880 hours -or- 6,832,800 minutes*

I think it’s time we got a life.  Now get off my rat-laden alley that is the closest thing I have to a lawn, you wankers!

*I didn’t double check, so hopefully that’s correct. MATH, ugh!

When:  6:45 PM Thursday January 15, 2015.  Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Ballston Metro – follow marks to start!


Hares: Tuck Tuck Deuce, Daisy Chain, Cutting Class, St. Pauli’s Girl, Whiskey Business


Miscellaneous CrapTrail is A to A. Bring your warmest snuggie, bathrobe, PJ’s, or blanket. It should be a cold night so pack smartly and bring a headlamp and mug!  Be smart, have fun.


Last trains out of Ballston:

Largo Town Center – 11:36 PM
New Carrollton – 11:39 PM
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU – 12:20 AM
Wiehle-Reston East – 11:54 PM

Weather: High of 39/Low of 30. Winds NNW 5mph

On On On: First Down Bar and Grill


Specials: Chicken meat and beer?



(1) The EWH3 AGM Rego is live and can be found here!

Come on out to Hamilton’s  for the 2015 EWH3 AGM on Saturday January 17th, at 8 pm.

We’ll have kegs, wine and snacks (tots!) to pass around.  Sign-in is at 8pm and you are guaranteed an awesome Giveaway if you signup in advance.  Find out who is on MM next year and have a great night with your fellow hashers.

Rego online or at the hash.  Cash discount price of $25 in advance ($1 more if paying online) or $30 (cash) at the door.

Theme is Hipsters vs Hippies

(2) Some EWH3 Alums are hosting the Charm City hash in Baltimore on Friday:

Friday, January 16

Hares: Hares are CockSoup, Yule Log, and Miss Megagme

When: Friday, January 16, 7:00!

Where: Ropewalk Tavern in Federal Hill

1209 South Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Hash Cash: $6

(3) Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Give back to the hash! Trails need hare-ing, so check the hareline and then email me to reserve a date. ([email protected])

(4) If you have NEVER hared before and want to jump on to some already established trails, shoot me an email and I will hook you up!

(5) Thirsty after work Friday?  Check out the most-always metro friendly Beltway Bob Hash Happy Hour http://www.dchashing.org/community/beltwaybob/  Tell them you’re from EWH3 and then drink everyone under the table.