Hash Trash: EWH3 #869: The Snowpants or No Pants Trail!

When: January 29, 2015 (otherwise known as Oprah’s birthday)

Where: Braddock Road (Blue / Yellow lines)

Weather: a late-January evening in D.C. (exactly what you expect it to be)

Hares: In-Your-End-Ohhh, Can’t Find Pussy in a Haystack, Return to Sender’s Wife, Infidelatio, Baylor the dog and Just Elissa

Virgins: Just Megs (and sweatered puppy)

Visitors: no one likes us

On On: TJ Stones

It was a dark and cold and icy night, but we successfully wandered through the streets and alleys and pathways of Old Town Alexandria. We met near a van down by the river, sang some songs and violated one another:

Bumspringa for rocking with his crocheted cock out in a school parking lot; apparently this is what kids are making in home ec class these days.

Return to Sender’s Wife for hosting a walkers’ shot check also in a school parking lot.

The Hares for, while recognizing the collective hash love for sparkly dresses and tight pants, the ice on trail was better meant for last week’s U.S. Figure Skating championships.

Saved by Molson for his eagerness on trail by solving both the just and tit checks. We are all awesome but no need to show off.

RPI, Whoregon Trail and Just Megs for shop talk on trail.

General Farm’s Animal for not realizing his old bones could serve as chalk on trail.

Jew-Cock-A for his confusion over angina and vagina, unless he was actually referring to Russian pop star, Angina.

We all said we were happy and our cold selves went off to find a warmer location to fill our bellies with beer.

Scribally yours,

Mambo # Hives