EWH3 #870: The National Weatherperson’s (and their Effing Snow) Day Trail! – 6:45PM Thursday, February 5th – Union Station Metro (Red Line)

In honor of the weather guessers and their most reliable instrument (the groundhog), let’s all hope that spring comes early and the predictions about snow prove to be one big snow job. After all, isn’t the idea of groundhogs and “meteorologists” predicting the weather just as crazy as believing OPM will close Federal offices, DPW/DDOT will clear roads, or that people would learn how to drive in shitty conditions?


When: 6:45PM Thursday, February 5th 2015. Pack away at 7:15!


Where: Union Station Metro – follow marks to start!


Hares: Free Little Willy, Head Injury, 7 Lay Her, and mystery hare(s)


Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A. Some light shiggy but no PI. Trail is dog friendly, but the On-After is not. It should be a cold night so pack smartly and bring a headlamp & mug! Be smart, have fun!


Last trains out of Union Station:


Glenmont – 12:11 AM

Shady Grove – 11:59 PM


On After: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels by the Amtrak…er make that…

Driftwood Kitchen

400 H St NE

Washington, DC 20002


Specials: Beer + Shot specials starting at $5, kitchen closes at 11PM