Double Header! (2 of 2) – EWH3 #897: The Big Trouble in Little China…town Trail! – 12:45 PM, Saturday, July 11th – Chinatown/Gallery Place (Yellow/Green/Red Lines)

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Join us on July 11 at 12:45 for the EWH3 “Big Trouble in Little China…town” bar crawl where we combine two of our favorite things: day drinking and walking.

Guys: Wear your favorite tanktop.

Ladies: Wear your favorite culturally dubious Chinese wedding dress (green eye are optional, but encouraged.)

True to form, all the bars on our tour are in keeping with the neighborhood’s historic roots.

When: 12:45 PM Thursday July 11th, 2015. Pack starts drinking… right away!

Where: Chinatown!! Just go to Irish Channel (500 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001) because you already know where we are starting!

Metro options:
Metro Center (Blue, Orange) & walk 1/2 mile;
Chinatown (Yellow, Green) & you’re practically there;
Farragut North or NoMA (Red) & walk 1.2 miles. Also, there are apparently bus options, but that’s too much work for me.

Hares: Dial F, Colliteral Damage, Texas Hold Him, The Lying The Bitch and the Whoredrobe, and Kooter Kuntei (and probably a couple of mystery hares that will be voluntold to help wrangle you wankers).

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A’

Last trains out of Chinatown/Gallery Place:
If you’re still at the bar at this time, you probably need an ambulance. And you definitely did not make it to H Street for H4. Nonetheless, those times are…
Branch Ave – 2:55 AM
Greenbelt – 3:16 AM
Huntington – 2:57 AM

On-After after 8PM:
Bier Garten Haus
1355 H St NE
Washington, DC 20002

Drink with Hangover H3 and then run their trail the next morning hungover!
Full details here! –