EWH3 #906: The Globe Trots/EWH3 Takes Over White House Trail!

Field trip permission ewh3

‘Twas a rare Monday edition of EWH3 but I think we showed our mother hash that we can still be a rowdy group of drunks. EWH3 and WH4 exchanged customs for make benefit glorious nation of Hash-ghanistan. Education and intoxications were the goals, and hey, one outa two ain’t bad.

This week’s stupidity took on an international flare:


  • Rear Protein Injection took his “international stereotype” costume very seriously. He failed to wear sunscreen at the beach to play the role of the American Redneck.
  • Poop Dick was asked if he was Brazilian, to which he replied, “and I have the wax to prove it!”
  • General Pornwallis was not dressed as an international stereotype because he’d “just cum as himself.” In unrelated news, he’d be cumming by himself later that evening.
  • Moose Knuckles intelligently yelled “car back” and then immediately ran in front of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this isn’t Canada and there are no designated moose crossings.
  • Just Jim was dressed as a Taekwondo expert. Despite his truly desperate attempts to become the prop guy, he failed as an Asian by not taking a single picture on trail, and finally
  • The Hares lived up to all American educational standards. They marked a number of checks with a large, circled F. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what was written on top of the report card for this trail.

We quickly ran out of beer, but fortunately the short bus took us right to Trusty’s! All and all, the EHW3 takeover was a minor success, but it seems doubtful we’ll be invited back.

On-Overstaying Our Welcum-On
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