Hash Trash: EWH3 #926: The Winter FUNderwear Trail

Not quite ready to hang up my scribe pen yet, so here is the final hash trash for your 2015 Mismanagement:

When: Thursday January 14, 2015
Where: U Street (Green, Yellow lines)
On After: Town Tavern
Hares: Sorest Rump, Tuck Tuck Deuce, Dr. Toolittle, GeriatricMandering
Visitors: Trailer Park Tragedy, Wobble Whip It
Virgins: there were a lot of you, and I was more focused on drinking than noting your names. Welcome!

And your final violations for this hash year:

  • The hares — for using free beer to lure us into a sex dungeon. It worked.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock — the year started with Plan B’s wheel falling off and tonight he scratched Scrotal Recall. To next year’s brewmeister: the bar has been set low that a midget would bump his head.
  • No Strings Attached — was happy there was an on in immediately at start because it usually takes him a while to get warmed up. Just like milk, foreplay does a body good.
  • Bad Dog — finally got new shoes but the rest of his attire made it look like he was auditioning for the new season of The Walking Dead.
  • Jew-Cock-A — was wearing a Brazilian bathing trunk but forgot to get a Brazilian.
  • You Sucked My Battledick — demonstrated acceptable hash behavior while demanding to anyone she met at the bar to take off their clothes.

On – thanks for the memories – on,

Mambo # Hives