EWH3 Hash Trash #929: The Antarctic Adventures Trail!

When: February 4, 2016

Where:  Navy Yard Metro (Green Line)

Hares:  Head Injury, 3 Piece Sexional, Around the World in 80 Lays, Issues and Tissues, Unobtainum, and Just Erin

Virgins:  Just Caitlyn

Visitor:  Cumulus Inus

On-After:  Bluejacket

Reasons no one returned from the polar expedition:

  • Longing for summer, Yariben did his best impression of the Coppertone baby by letting a dog pull his pants down at the beginning of trail.
  • Wait, Wait Don’t Fuck Me barely made it to trail because of his conflicting commitment as a middle school soccer referee, complete with short-shorts and high socks, and, inexplicably, a button up.
  • Red, White, and Poo started talking about her mom, which devolved into waxing lyrical on the virtues of 70 year old titties.
  • The hares were violated for laying marks that indicated that the Anacostia River was “so pretty”… eyesight is pretty much a non-negotiable when laying trail.
  • And, Moose Knuckles admitted that he cannot find men’s pants that fit him. Maybe he should have been named Camel Toe.

And, a “lucky” harriette solemnly submitted herself to the barbaric arctic ritual of a wintertime naming, but the pack’s jokes were stiff and frozen, and we had to put that naming on ice.  Stay tuned for a spring thaw!

On – awkwardly well-lit end circle – on,

Stain Gretzky