EWH3 Hash Trash #932: The Shitty Trail

When: February 25, 2016

Where:  Ballston Metro

Hares: Poop Dick, Pee it Forward, Prince Charmin, Quantum Whizics, Pee Willy, Happy Poo Year

Virgins:  Just Matt, Chris, Liz, Erin, Mike

Visitor:  Claim to Flame, UR on Weed, Cunning Linguistic, Johnnie Stalker

On-After:  First Down Sports Bar and Grill

Trail was complicated with a lot of back checks.  What a shitty trail (see what the hares did there?)

In all of that, you wankers did some stupid shit.  And here’s a sampling!


First, the hares: Prince Charmin was violated for never actually running trail before haring – and not being able to read the map and complaining that it “looked different in the dark.”  Happy Poo Year was also violated for never actually running trail before haring, and taking everyone to end the wrong way.  But at least we got to beer!  Poopdick was violated for doing something (no idea) to compensate for his tiny penis chalk;

Tragic was violated for his stylish outfit in several ways:

  • Tragic looks like he will flash Ms. Daisy while driving her
  • Tragic looks like a drunk Sherlock Holmes
  • Drunk Sherlock
  • Tragic looks like Inspector Gadget let himself go

Gaybelline was violated for complaining that Old Man Winter came in his face.  You’re welcome?  Unless it was this guy: Old Man Winter

Then your friendly circle had some things to say, and then … we did not have a naming.  Sad face.


Colliteral Damage