EWH3 #933: The Pro-Cape Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, March 3rd – Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan (Red Line)

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WIE organizers (and Edna) are very anti-cape, but your hares tonight are not!

Wear your best cape and let it fly free for all the world to see! See if you can escape the fate of those other superhareos (see what I did there) that valiantly flapped their capes in public but didn’t make it to their last down down.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday March 3rd, 2016. Pack away at 7:15! Really, we mean it, 7:15. We have accomplished this feat the past few weeks, you have been warned.

Where: Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan – follow marks to start!

Hares: Bumspringa, GeriatricMandering, Have You Blown My Stapler, Kindergarten Cock, Yariben

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B.

Shiggy rating: Walkers – 0ish, Runners – 5ish

Headlamps are necessary on runner trail, you have been warned. Bring an extra to share with that cute virgin/just and maybe you can make a new friend because he/she actually survived and didn’t get lost.

It might be a chilly night, it is the beginning of freaking March. Pack warmly, but not an entire suitcase of clothes, and bring a mug so you can save the planet like the superhero D.C. needs, not the superhero D.C. wants!

Last trains out of Cleveland Park:
Towards Glenmont: 11:39 PM
Towards Shady Grove: 12:14 AM

On After: Atomic Billiards

Specials: TBD