EWH3 Hash Trash #945: May Babies Trail

When: 6:45 PM Thursday May 5th, 2016.

Where: Potomac Ave Metro.

Hares: Please Step Away from the Whores; Uno, Dos, Tres, Liftoff!; Hungry, Hungry, Homo; Aunt Vaginas Maple Syrup; Trim Shady; and many others born in May who can only be here in spirit.

Virgins:  Just Phil, Just Chris

Visitors:  White Girl Wasted (love.  this.  name.); Uncle Bad Touch (yes, that guy!), Snapper John MD, One Trick Dick

On-After:  Trusty’s

Trail was scenic!  There was beer, there was laughter, there was a u-turn at the end as I recall.   But it was on the river (more on that later), no one got PI (that I know of) and we all pretty much knew where we were.  Which is rare on any given day, but particularly on a Thursday.

And of course, you wankers did some stupid shit.


  • Hungry Hungry Homo (or Triple H low down as I like to call him) had so much fun going down on Trix, that his beard went rainbow!
  • DADS & Uno were violated (or perhaps commended) for having a new house with not 1 or 2 but THREE sex dungeons.
  • PSA broke the metro for his birthday!  More beer for us.
  • Cum Locker showed up to trail in a boat.  And a fake mustache, even though this year we weren’t doing Cinco de Mustache.
  • PSA forgot the words to something… and I forgot how to write clearly, so that one is a mystery.  Or up for guessing!
  • Chips le Whore (correction if I spelled that wrong please) was violated smooshing his face into random body parts of the harriettes.  Just like his daddy.

And, FINALLY, after all that shaming… there was no naming.  Off to the bar we went and drunk we got.

On, weshouldgetcumlockertotakeusallonthatboat, on

Colliteral Damage.