EWH3 #977: The “Farewell, Fidel!” Trail – 6:45 PM Thursday, December 1st – Bethesda (Red Line)

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Break out those guayabera shirts and hand-rolled cigars as EWH3 marks the passing of one of the world’s biggest dick-tators. Your hares, the Cuban Embarg-Ho’s, invite you out to have a beer and then Havana-ther beer! And also sing! Hopefully, drinking all those mojitos at the Bay of Swigs doesn’t lead to a Cuban Missile Crisis in your pants.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday December 1st, 2016. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Bethesda (Red Line) – take escalators to start! Pre-lubes within stumbling distance include Tyber Bierhaus and Daily Grill

Hares: Pinocchi-Ho; Goldman Ballsacks; Atari 6900; Don’t Ask, Don’t Smell; Just Hanna; Just Franny

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A’. Trail is quite dark in places but dog-friendly (non-tough dogs might prefer going with the walkers). Pack smartly and bring a headlamp & mug! Be smart, have fun.

Weather on Thursday

Last trains out of Bethesda:
Shady Grove – 12:23 AM
Wheaton – 11:47 PM

Metro Alerts and Advisories

On After: The Barking Dog, 4723 Elm St

Lots o’ Specials:
– a $3 beer (TBD)
– a $4 beer (TBD)
– $5 tallboys
– a liquor and some pitcher specials (TBD)
– late-night food