EWH3 Hash Trash #997: The St Patrick’s Day Trail

Hey everyone! It’s Texas Hold Him with trash for –
Oh… okay. I mean, I guess I was a *little* loud.
… Yikes. is this better?
when: march 14, 2017
where: u street (green and yellow line)
hares: all flash no drive!, hercu-please, poops i did it again, please step away from the whores, and just nellie
virgins: just reed, just ashley
visitors: goes down dirty
on-after: acre 141
shhhhh, keep it down!
why are we whispering? did st. patrick take a vow of silence that i was not aware of? did i read the wrong trail news, is this the anne frank memorial trail? the librarian thing was for wie, so that can’t be it.  we were all hanging around and then just tiffany got a little loud and the gms had to be like:
(honesty time: just tiffany doesn’t exist, but i couldn’t miss the opportunity to use a gif from the best episode of antm ever. tiffany got shillelagh-ed by tyra.)
after a trail laid through some neighborhood “quiet zone” and finished up with the rare quiet end circle. stupid barking dog.
  • just ashley violated herself for knowingly exhibiting rascist behavior. self-awareness is the first step to improvement.
  • pinochi-ho was over heard (whispering) “you cant’ expect to open the back door and not have anything fall out.” it looks like someone should read up on
  • just leslie was very kind in solving the lady check. unfortunately, she stuck with the night’s theme and didn’t shout back that she found true trail. i guess she ain’t no hollaback girl.
  • rosetta bone shared her family motto: “what you go up, you must go down.”
after all the quiet fun was through, we had a very solemn occasion.
Earlier this week, the hashing family lost one of it’s great pillars, Bad Dog. Throughout his time with us, Bad Dog ran with 18 different kennels, with 272 trails with EWH3 alone. Near the end, 300+ people from far and wide participated in his 2500th trail to celebrate him and contributions to hashing. Ultimately more than anything, hashing is a community of people who will be there for one another, connected by a free-spirited love of life. There are so many stories about how Bad Dog was the first person to welcome virgins, and people loved to sit and talk with him. He meant a lot to the people fortunate enough to know him. May his shoes always be wrapped in duct tape.
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