EWH3 #1005: Anal Mountain High Enough Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, April 27 – [Van Ness] ([Red Line]

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Slide it into your chaps, lace up your hiking shoes,  pull out the flannel pattern, tie your lasso, and saddle up because the Montana trail is here! After eight months of raising EWH3’s beauty and glitter standards, the Montana crew is uniting to give you a glimpse into the Big Sky.  Expect huckleberry, mountain men, and dinosaurs …
~~Oh baby there anal mountain high enough, anal standards low enough, anal thighs wide enough to keep me from cumming to you baby!~~ 
When6:45 PM Thursday April 27, 2017. Pack away at 7:15!
Where: Van Ness – Use east side of the street exit in front of the Giant – follow marks to start!
Hares: Cheech and Dong, Queer Today-Ghana Tomorrow, Whose In My Mouth, A Midsemester Night’s Cream, Homo On The Range, Just Cody, Just Elesia
Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B. Tough dog, grizzly bear, and endangered buffalo friendly. Light Shiggy/PI,  bring dry shoes.  It should be a nice night. Pack smartly and bring a headlamp & mug! Be smart, have fun.
Last trains out of Tenleytown Metro (red line):
Glenmont: 11:52 PM
Shady Grove: – 12:18 AM
On After: Guapo’s!
Specials: TBD