EWH3 #1007: The Charming Old Bastards Trail 6:45 PM Thursday May 11 (Yellow Line!)

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Trail this week is brought to you by hares who are too busy screwing and drinking to write you up a witty trail description. But who cares? Come out Thursday for a (maybe) gorgeous night! (Maybe) You’ll get laid!
Start:  Eisenhower Ave Metro .. follow flour to start
Hares:  CantFindPussyInAHaystack, CumDumpling, GeneralsFarmAnimal and PutItOut
Miscellaneous Crap You Probably Wont Read:  Fun short live wet trail through the hills and dales of Lower Alexandria.  Runners will NEED a flashlight and WILL get wet .. bring dry stuff.  Those goofy looking shiggy socks probably a good idea, too.
Prelube:  The hares will be steadying their nerves at Teds Montana Grill pre-trail.  Happy hour is 4-7.
On-On-On:  San Antonio Bar & Grill 200 Swamp Fox Rd.  They’re staying open late with happy hour prices for us.
Last inbound metro: 11:35PM;  last inbound Uber 3:30AM.