EWH3 #1008: Kilts and Skirts Trail! 6:45 PM! May 18! Columbia Heights (Green and Yellow Line)

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Break out your skirts and Kilts this week you wankers and finally celebrate the warm air flowing against your thighs as we venture out to the Columbia Heights area!

When6:45 PM Thursday May 18th. Pack away at 7:15!
Where: Columbia Heights Metro (Yellow/Green), then 2 blocks North to the Columbia Heights Plaza/ Fountain area, look for runners.
Hares: Dial F, Gaybelline, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Hole and a mystery hare.
Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A~.  Trails are dog & tough stroller friendly. It should be a very warm and clear night. Pack smartly and bring a headlamp, mug and wear a Kilt or a skirt! Be smart, have fun.
Last trains out of Columbia Heights Metro: I don’t have it for you. Thank god you know how to use Google. You know how to google right?
On After:
Red Derby
Specials: You’re super special. Be there.