EWH3 #1009: Dr. Whoreable Cum-A-Long Trail – 6:45 PM Thursday, May 25th- L’Enfant (Blue/Orange/Silver)

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 Break out your skirts and Kilts this week you wankers and finally celebrate the warm air flowing against your thighs as we venture out to the Columbia Heights area!

Is the world a mess? You bet your ass it is! Do you just need to rule it? Of course you… Oh look! Alcohol!

While more dedicated villains hatch their nefarious plots, the wankers of the world will unite for an evening of dirty ditties and diabolical drinks on a mad science trail around this festering political swamp. There will be songs. There will be lab coats. Some lucky duck may walk away with the keys to a shiny new Australia.*

*offer not actually valid anywhere, MWAHAHAHA.


When: 6:45 PM Thursday May 25th. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: L’Enfant Metro — proceed directly to the evil lair (Hancock Park near Maryland & 7th)

Hares: Dr. Whoreable (Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer), Peenie (Keebler Shelf), Captain Hammered (Sphincter Shy), Bad Whorse (Whoregon Trail ), Bad Whorse Groupie (You Sucked My Battledick), Moist (Atari 6900!)

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B, and will be a dog-friendly stroller-friendly pavement pounder. Pack smartly and bring your freeze/death-rays,  a cranium lamp & mug!  Be smart, have fun.


Last trains out :
Union Station Metro:

Glenmont        12:11 AM

Red Line Shady Grove    11:59 PM


Gallery Place Metro:

Branch Ave        11:55 PM

Glenmont        12:08 AM

Greenbelt        12:16 AM

Huntington        11:57 PM

Shady Grove        12:02 AM

Metro Alerts and Advisories


On After: Kelly’s Irish Times

Specials:  $3.50 Natty Bohs, $4 PBRs, and $5 DC Brau.  Also This Song is Special