EWH3 Hash Trash #998: The Red Dress Run Announcement Trail! Judiciary Square Metro

When: 6:45 PM Thursday March 23rd, 2017

Where: Judiciary Square Metro (Red Line)

.Hares: Camo Sutra, Yariben, and Fish N Tits

Virgins: Just Jordan, Just Pauline, Just Nicole, Just Jessica, Just George, Just Dan

Visitor: Just Laura

On After: Kelly’s Irish Times


Texas Hold Him was overheard on trail expressing his attraction to representations of Jesus the Nazarene. Could it be that Texas is having a cum to Jesus sexperience?!

A commendation was issued for Just Liz, this indefatigable Harriette got rammed by a car on the way to trail! And she still came!!

One of the evening’s virgins, Just Pauline, was overheard on trail asking if she was really going to have something shoved up her ass. The answer is of course no, but Pauline, if you want to learn more about having things up your ass we have many Hashers who can coach you!

Maybe It’s Gaybelline was violated for cuming dressed from work. Ayyyyyyyyy!

Naming of Just Dan:

Just Dan is a nice lad. He works at a nonprofit and went to Cornell where he played in the marching band. He received his first handjob while watching the movie Ants. He may have rathered them crawling on his dick than that hand. Can you say chaffing! Some say front stuff, others butt stuff, Just Dan says it’s 2017: all stuff! His proudest sexual moment had his girlfriend in town for 12 hours only and a veritable sex marathon ensued. All the loads! Just Dan likes chick books, video games, and fucking the friend of his friend’s fuck buddy. What a guy! He would name his penis Henry Clay, Wait Wait approved! Names such as All Talk No Finish, Handmaiden’s Fail, and Journey To The Blast were all considered, but the Lovely Rosetta Bone’s Chaffed & Confused is what won the day.

On – Wait Wait’s always wanted a little brother! – On
Wait Wait