EWH3 #1022: The Intermittently-Anal Blue Dress Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, August 17th- Ft. Totten Metro (Red and Green Lines)

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As Bill Clinton said to the intern, let’s do it.  Wasn’t it great when the only news coming from the White House was about sex?(1) Or am I just a cranky old man reminiscing about the good ol’ days?  Anyway, on August 17, 1998 President Bill Clinton admitted that he had an “improper physical relationship” (2),(3) with an intern.  Then, there was an infamous blue dress smeared with a dried streak of presidential DNA that became all the rage (4). Come join your hares to reminisce about a more, um, innocent time and cavort around Ft. Totten in search of beer.(5)  You are welcome to wear your very own blue dress (6), or just wear blue in solidarity.(7)
(1) Another noteworthy thing that happened on August 17 was the border between North and South Korea at the 38th parallel was agreed upon.  But that is probably too much, too soon.  Someone else can take the nuclear winter trail. 
(2) For improper physical relationship, read sex.  Another thing the man was good at was euphemism.
(3) I think I learned a lot more about the “facts of life” from CNN than I did from my parents. 
(4) Really, why would you not take it to the cleaners…was she keeping as a trophy?. 
(5) And you know, um…As one does.
(6) If you want prez-spooge, you are on your own.  I don’t question what you do in your spare time, but I do judge. Harshly.
(7) I’m lazy and don’t own a blue dress, so this is what I’m planning on.  But you do you.
When6:45 PM Thursday August 17th, 2017. Pack away at 7:15!
Where: Ft. Totten Metro (Red and Green Lines) – follow marks to start!
Hares: Head Injury, Cheech & Dong, Hercu-PLEASE, Poops I Did it Again, School for Girls Who Can’t Sex Good, and possibly a mystery hare.
Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B. There is a chance of PI on the first half.  Runner’s and Walker’s trail is dog friendly, but it is August, so please leave the furry friends at home in the A/C.  Walker’s trail is tough stroller friendly (will have to go off road, but through grass. It should be a nice night. Pack smartly and bring a headlamp & mug! Be smart, have fun.
Last trains out of Brookland-CUA Metro (Red Line):
Glenmont – 11:46 PM
Shady Grove: 11:18 PM
On After:
San Antonio Bar & Grill
3908 12th St NE
Specials: Don’t give me that look. You are not special.