EWH3 Hash Trash #1025: Not A Doctor Trail!

EWH3 Hash Trash #1025: Not A Doctor Trail

When: 6:45 PM Thursday August 31st, 2017. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: West Hyattsville (Green Line)

Hares: Special Head Kid, Poopholes Mountain Majesty, Spit ‘n’ Spin, Just Laurel, Whoregon Trail, Rosetta Bone, and Pinocchi-Ho

Virgins: Just Nate, Just Brian

Visitor: Short Hand Job


On After: Lee’s, 2903 Hamilton St


Doctor Toolittle collided into a massive log while on trail, snapping the mighty branch in two. I guess big things cum in small packages!

General’s Farm Animal was overheard on trail commenting on a pair of bright shoes he could see in daylight. Finally, substantial gains in geriatric optometry have been made!

Just Iris was overheard on trail bragging about her limbo prowess. Glad to hear she’s great at going down on a pole!

In a violation/commendation combination, Chicks Ahoy was brought into the circle for crushing a full beer can. She was commended for squirting on five people at the same time!

The naming of Just Max:

Just Max cums to DC by way of Connecticut via New York. He works as a geographer and is very good at finding his way about a map. Max was a high energy child, often finding himself chided by his exasperated parents as he urinated into the Atlantic on Long Beach Island. Favorite book: Call of the Wild. Marvel character to have sex with: Jean Gray. First time to second base: front seat, passenger side in high school. He once tied his brother to a tree, the meanest thing ever to be done by our hero Max! Just Max is no stranger to oral sex, in Rhode Island it’s as common as a handshake. The land of milk and honey, perhaps? Many names were tossed around for our long maned Hasher: The Great Gashby, Gives Head & Shoulders, Ding Dong Dick, and others. But it was the indefatigable and lovely Rosetta Bone who named Just Max in the theme of his Geographic profession: Amerigo Vespoogi.