EWH3 Hash Trash #1022: The Intermittently-Anal Blue Dress Trail!

EWH3 Hash Trash #1022: The Intermittently-Anal Blue Dress Trail!

When: August 17th, 2017. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Ft. Totten Metro

Hares: Head Injury, Cheech & Dong, Hercu-PLEASE, Poops I Did it Again, School for Girls Who Can’t Sex Good

Virgins: Just Tito; Just Scott; Just Emily; Just Jenny; Just Rachel; Just Jen

Visitors: None

On After: San Antonio Bar & Grill



Virgin Just Scott went to Chipotle before cuming to the Hash. Scott, Bill Clinton gave Monika a cum stain, not a diahrrea stain!

Whoregon Trail was overheard to exclaim “I don’t want any in my mouth”. The last time someone yelled that, Bill Clinton got impeached!

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Rosetta Bone was actively workshopping a vaginally tempuratured cigar humidor. Watch out, Rosetta, Monica Lewinsky already has a patent pending on that same invention!

And finally, The Hares laid such a shitty trail, not even George Stuffanoctapus could spin it in a positive light!

The naming of Just Aaron:

Just Aaron was born in Suffolk, VA, and grew up in a charmed life. He went to JMU then somehow found himself in the army. While fighting for Uncle Sam, Just Aaron saw a lot of wang in the shower. His most regrettable sexual experience was hooking up with a chick in Lawton, Oklahoma. Probably because she lived in Oklahoma! When on PornHub he watches what the spirit moves him, consults for the military or something like that, and lost his virginity to mutually repressed college freshman who was also from an oppressive christian household. We’ve all been there! Ultimately it was the story of Aaron numbing a virgin Harriette’s mouth after he lathered bug spray on his organ that got him named Deets Nuts. She was a trooper!

On – Wait Wait – On