EWH3 Hash Trash #1033: Twinkle and Friends 8th Annual Halloween Hash Bash!

EWH3 Hash Trash #1033: Twinkle and Friends 8th Annual Halloween Hash Bash!

When: 6:45 PM Thursday October 26th, 2017.

Where: NOMA metro

Virgins: Justs Aden, Chris, John, Christina, John, Christina, Elsa, Terence, Kyle, Eric, Philip, Jackson, Aileen, and Rebecca

Hares: Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock, Maybe It’s Gaybelline, Chokes One Out, Assault My Ass and Just Marta!

On-After: It was Wündergarten but changed. Can someone connect with me offline?

“Everclear is a brand name of rectified spirit sold by American company Luxco. It is made from grain [1] and is bottled at 151-proof (75.5% ABV) and 190-proof (95% ABV).[2] As of 2015, sale of the latter is prohibited in Alaska, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.” But not the good ole District of Columbia! Boy, I sure was loaded last night. Yet as I sit here at my desk, offending my podmates with the odor of Twinkle’s Juice emanating from my pores, I find comfort in the fact that I was not the drunkest only drunk Hasher last night. Let’s take a look at some of my booze addled thoughts, shall we?

Virgin Harriette, Just Aileen, arrived at the Hash dressed as a soccer mom. Aileen, on Halloween you’re not supposed to dress as something you’re going to becum!

Just Brodie, dressed as Dare Devil, got slapped in the ass on multiple occasions. Poor bastard, he never saw it cumming!

On the subject of Justs and Virgins, Just Kyle came dressed as a Soviet Cosmonaut. Kyle, in Soviet Russia, juice Twinkle you!

Pooples Mountain Majesty and La Gingeracha both dressed as tacos this Halloween. Guess the only time they’ll be inside a taco is when they make believe!

The naming of Just Brodie:

I’m very fond of Brodie, I even have a Brodie song that I sing quite frequently*, so it was such a delight that it took EWH3 not one but two attempts to name him. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Texas’s recap:
“Just Brodie: he’s like that fratty guy you knew in college who wasn’t in any frats, but was probably in an a cappella group with an awful name like “Mad Dudes All” (like madrigal [I was worried you wouldn’t get my pun {not because it wasn’t a good one (it is), but because you don’t know what a madrigal is}]).
JB sells himself over the interwebz, some may say sexually (those people may be wrong, I’ve never known JB to have a sexual bone in his body.) His friendship with Nobody Puts Gayby in the Corner goes way back. Gayby even was his Best Bro in a sham marriage JB had in high school with his super religious girlfriend so she’d have sex with him. It didn’t work and it was several more years until JB got his first BJ. It is unclear whether Gayby was involved in that momentous occasion as well.
JC and Gaby, they are such good friends that one time they were trying to hook up with a pair of twins (I think. Maybe I’m making this story better. Follow along and be cool with that) and one of the girls thought that a C-level comedian was into her, and our main man was super supportive of her trying to reach that star. Sorry Gayby.
Everyone loves his flawless “Johnny Depp preparing for a role as Prince Charles, but is suffering through a cough syrup-induced episode/Captain Sparrow” impression. It’s super uncanny.
His signature dance move is “jerking off two invisible dicks next to his face.””
[Error: This name has been devoured by an infernal cthonic being, please see the reincarnated naming here.]
Well, another fun Halloween Hash in the books.
On-Happy Halloween!-On
Wait Wait
*Hey Brodie! I like the things you do!
Hey Brodie! If I could I would be you!
You’re the one and only Brodie, with the one and only face!
You know how to take a social interaction and make it greeeat!