EWH3 #1058: The Ides of St. Patrick Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, March 15th – Metro Center 13th Street Exit! (Red, Blue, Orange, & Silver Lines)

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Yes, Yes, Yes – St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. But in all that beer-giddy hubbub, you wankers often forget the great tragedy (or successful government overthrow, depending on how you look at it) of The Ides of March. The Ides of each month were sacred to Jupiter, the Romans’ supreme deity, and I suppose Brutus got a little too stabby in his excitement. So on this Ides, put on your green togas and let us keep sacred our supreme concept – which is RUNNING and BEER! Leave your stabbies at home (seriously, I heard some of you got turned away at Seacrets for your stabbies), and let us drink to the great Irish Saint of Beer and Snakes on this, the sacred Ides of March.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday March 15th, 2018. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Metro Center – Red, Blue, Orange, & Silver Lines – Cum out the 13th Street Exit – follow marks to start in Freedom Plaza!

Hares: Colliteral Damage, Deetz Nutz, Poops I did it Again, Cheech & Dong, Happy Poo Year, Maybe it’s Gaybelline, and L’Chymen

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B (still Red, Orange, Blue & Silver lines). It’s going to be COLD. Pack smartly, bring a headlamp (yes, it’s the city but there are some unlit parts and you need to be seen), & a mug! Be smart, have fun!

Last trains out of the Farraguts North & West:
Here I looked up the link for you.

On After:
1823 L Street NW


KARAOKE!!! Because we didn’t do that enough in Ocean Shitty.

And Brutus is an honorable man.