EWH3 #1063: Tour du Feline Trail! – 6:45PM Thursday April 19th – NoMa Metro (Red Line)

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Cat Facts # 2 [Welcum]: In certain areas outside cats’ native range, they have contributed, along with habitat destruction and other factors, to the extinction of many bird species. Cats have been known to extirpate a bird species within specific regions and may have contributed to the extinction of isolated island populations. The “Crazy Cat Ladies and Gentleman Present: the Tour du Feline” will contribute to the extinction of many kegs of beer. Meee-ow!

Cat Facts # 2456 [When]: The earliest known feline-human association is supported by the discovery grave dating 9,500 years old. Tour du Feline is much younger – scheduled for April 19th at 6:45 PM – Pack away at 7:15!

Cat Facts #2478 [Where]: Cats are extremely adaptable and are now present on all continents except Antarctica, and on 118 of the 131 main groups of islands—even on isolated islands such as the Kerguelen Islands. Tour du Feline is extremely A-A’daptable and will begin and end in NoMa-Gaulladet (Red Line).

Cat Facts #2499 [Hares]: Cats are known for spending considerable amounts of time licking their coat to keep it clean. The cat’s tongue has backwards-facing spines about, called papillae, which act as a hairbrush. No need to groom your hares on this trail though! General Tso’s Dicken, L’Chymen, The Hyperpoop, GeriatricMandering, Poon-apple Juice, and Son What The Fuck?! all come pre-brushed.

Cat Facts # 83457 [Misc]: Cats have excellent night vision and can see at only one-sixth the light level required for human vision. If you want the same level of vision, you’d better dress smartly and bring a lamp (and a mug).

Cat Facts # 83478 [Misc]: Ailurophobia is a human phobia of cats; however, the term is often associated with humans that have a hatred of cats. We recommend that anyone suffering from this phobia stay far away from Tour du Feline. All others should do their best to embrace Kitty Kulture.

Cat Facts # 83483 [Last Trains]: According to a myth in many cultures, cats have multiple lives. In many countries, they are believed to have nine lives, but in Italy, Germany, Greece, Brazil and some Spanish-speaking regions, they are said to have seven lives, while in Turkish and Arabic traditions, the number of lives is six. That’s about as consistent as the metro, but this is when WMATA claims they will try to get you home:
Glenmont: 11:44 PM
Shady Grove: 11:26 PM

Cat Facts # 83492 [On-After]: Multiple males will be attracted to a female in heat. The males will fight over her, and the victor wins the right to mate. At first, the female rejects the male, but eventually the female allows the male to mate. The female utters a loud yowl as the male pulls out of her because a male cat’s penis has a band of about 120–150 backwards-pointing penile spines, which are about 1 mm long. We don’t care what you do after the on-after at Wunder Garten (1101 First Street NE), but please wait until you get home to do it.

Cat Facts # 83493 [Specials]: Domestic cat’s scent rubbing behaviour towards humans or other cats is thought to be a feline means for social bonding. Bond socially with your fellow cats as you consume pilsner, Goose IPA, cider, and mixed drinks…all of which are $1 off!