When: 6:45 PM Thursday April 26th, 2018. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Van Ness Metro

Hares: Put It Out, Blows A Tranny, Can’t Find Pussy In A Haystack, Generals Farm Animal, & Please Step Away From The Whores

Virgins: Just Curin (?), Just Liza

Visitor: Skank the Tank

469 is a value of n for which n!-1 is prime.

Interstate 469 is an Interstate highway in the northeastern portion of the midwestern state of Indiana. In 2004, local officials namerd all 31 miles of I-469 in honor of the late former US President Ronald Reagan.

Area code 469 correlates to somewhere near Frisco, TX.

Year 469 was a common year starting on Wednesday. How fitting.

At the time, the year 469 was known as the Year of the Consulship of Marcianus and Zeno.

In the year 469:

The Ostrogoth prince Theordoric, age 15, returned to Pannonia after living as a child hostage in Constantinople.

The Vandals invaded Epirus, now known as Albania. They were expelled from the Peloponnese (Greece) and in retaliation, take 500 hostages at Zakynthos. On the way back to Carthage, they are slaughtered.

King Euric declared himself independent from the Western Roman Empire.

General’s Farm Animal was born.

Oh, wait…

Regardless of the number on his birth certificate (did they have birth certificates back then?), EWH3 has enjoyed his company at no less than four. hundred. sixty. nine. trails.

469 trails is a big achievement, and we celebrated with a keg (-ish) of some sort of rye beer.

GFA has been hashing longer than this scribe has been alive. His biggest fantasy is to live to see 569. #smallattainablegoals

GFA is the second bass in his choir, which is one base further than he’s gotten in quite some time. #thatswhyhewasscreaminghisownname

In true grumpy old man fashion, GFA was overheard this week screaming “hey deer! Get out of my woods!#oldmanyellsatclouds


Wait Wait Don’t Fuck Me admitted to attending FIVE proms. Don’t get excited about this Casanova, though. He took his sister to all of them.

Schrodinger’s Cock was complaining about the smell while sitting on a trashcan. Maybe he should eat more pineapple?

This was the oldest group of hares we’ve had.. Maybe ever. They showed their age by sundowning quite hard, laying the same trail twice in one hash. They even forgot we had already had a beer check. Meanwhile, on walker’s trail, our hare walked us past a fake dog, proving that just because something is sitting erect, that doesn’t mean you should pet it.

In honor of the man who doesn’t know when to quit, the pack stuck around to drink a whole bunch of celebratory beers and sing about an abundance of El Caminos.


We Guapo’d.


On – #Imtooyoungforthis – On

Poon-apple Juice