EWH3 #1066: The Snatch-a-Snitch Quidditch Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, May 10th – Brookland (Red Line)

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We solemnly swear we are up to no good!

Were you picked last for the quidditch team due to your “potions” problem? Were you more into quaffing than quaffles? Is your ability to dash the Butterbeer Mile memorialized on the wall of The Leaky Cauldron? Has your firewhisky flask burned holes in all of your robes?

Have we got the trail for you! Your animagus-hares were too inebriated to recall all of the events in the TriWizard Tournament, so we made do with accio-ing a bunch of bottles out of the Room of Requirement and scattering beverages throughout the Land of Brooks. They have been charmed to look like quidditch supplies, because we are fucking wizards.

You’ll have to do without a Marauder’s Map, but there will be kindly spirits (BOOZE) about to help you on your way.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday May 10th, 2018. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Brookland Metro, Red line – follow marks to start!

Hares: Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer, Vaginal Countdown, Goldman Ballsachs, Rosetta Bone, Geriatric Mandering, Special Guest SNITCH.

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A’. There will be light PI in the Forbidden Forrest. It might be a nice night. Pack smartly and bring a headlamp (LUMOS) & mug! Be smart, have fun.

Last trains out of Brookland:
Shady Grove- 10:50 PM
Glenmont – 11PM

On After:
San Antonio Bar and Grill
3908 12th St. NE

You’re special. [TBD]

On-Mischief Managed-On!