EWH3 TRASH #1108: The Groundhog (birth)Day Trail! – Thursday, January 31st – Dupont Circle (Red Line)

EWH3 #1108 The Groundhog (Birth)day trail

When: 1/31

Where:  Dupont Circle, Red

Hares:  Mourning wood, quid pro blow, heaven’s gape, colliteral damage, Throbbin hood

Virgins:  Just Nobody, or I didn’t hear them

Visitors:  Cum in my brum

On-After:  Froggy Bottom, which was 20% better than everywhere else, they told us so right on the tab


It was a night of extra layers and fast circles. Which also means short trash. It’s definitely not because I’m bad at these… Nope. Not at all. We moved quickly from Dupont to Georgetown because we were all as frozen


Cum in my brum for taking 2 torches to the face and we all know that’s slang for blowing a fire crotch


Just Emily because she got taken by her feels for Pterodactyl porn


Chaffed and confused for his obsession with Obama drone dildo strikes


Tuck tuck deuce for back seat driving walkers trail… he needs to take someones back seat in his back seat


Cumburglur for thinking end circle should have summer foliage year round… we don’t live in California Bro-dy


And finally we should all be commended for getting in and out of that circle before our toes fell off!


On – BRRRRRR – on,